Logitech is raising the bar in the video conferencing industry with a next generation portfolio of appliance and PC-based solutions that are truly agnostic for any VC platform on the market today.

The new portfolio includes three top-of-the-curve products: Logitech Rally Bar, purpose-built for mid-sized rooms; Logitech Rally Bar Mini for small rooms, capable of transforming meetings with cinema-quality video and crisp, clear audio in an all-in-one design, and rounding out large meeting rooms; and the Logitech RoomMate, a computing appliance that allows customers to run video conferencing services on Logitech conference cams like Rally Plus without a PC or Mac.

Setting a new precedent for flexible room solutions, this latest portfolio allows native running of diverse VC applications such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTo, Pexiop and RingCentral, or connect them via USB to virtually any room PC or Mac. They also facilitate BYOD models allowing users to plug in their devices and run chosen video service. From a second camera on the video bars dedicated to AI and room analytics, to extensive audio coverage with Rally Mic Pods, businesses now have scalable solutions that are both incredibly versatile and simple to use.

“Video Collaboration has long back become critical to businesses; for some time now, they had been increasingly looking for some all-in-one solutions that are not only incredibly simple to use but also an inclusive experience to every employee, irrespective their location,” said Varun Nair,  B2B Product Marketing Head-India, Logitech Electronics. “There is a growing trend around room solutions that work as appliances with platforms like Microsoft Teams or Zoom,” he said, adding “with this new portfolio we’re able to deliver the versatility that IT professionals had been looking for- whether they are running it on a PC or using it as an appliance.”

According to him, the Rally Bar, and Rally Bar Mini are not just feature-rich appliances but bring in the GenNext technology experience.

  • Rally Bar is equipped with a smooth motorized pan and tilt in a video bar form factor and razor sharp optics up to 4K. It gives a lossless image quality up to 5X optical zoom, which will be digitally enhanced up to 15X total zoom- this is more than any other all-in-one video bar on the market today
  • Equipped with Logitech RightSense technology and AI Viewfinder, and a second camera dedicated to computer vision, Rally Bar detects human figures and processes where they are in real-time so meeting participants are always in focus, whether they are late joining or moving about
  • Pre-loaded video conferencing services for multiple platforms make it truly agnostic, freeing the users from being tied to single platform
  • The ultra-low distortion speakers delivering crystal clear, room-filling sound to every corner of the room. An adaptive beam-forming mic array picks up voices at every seat with outstanding clarity, focusing on the active talker and auto-leveling louder and softer voices while suppressing unwanted noise
  • Beyond versatile, all-in-one design, Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini come with exceptional cable management and flexible mounting options that ensure easy, confident installs with minimal footprint

“Logitech is already an established global leader in the video conferencing domain, given the comprehensive portfolio of solutions for work from home solutions as well as meeting rooms of all sizes,” Nair said. “Now, with offices beginning to open up, and the concept of “hybrid offices” gaining traction across all segments in the country, Logitech is only poised to further the aggressive growth it had been posting in recent years.”