The Lido Multiplex Movie Theater located within Siam Square in Pathumwan district in Bangkok, Thailand, was a legendary multi-cinema complex that was an iconic institution for more than 50 years when it held its final screening on May 31st 2018. Rather than a demise, it is a re-birth of sorts. Refurbished with a new concept, Lido Connect was launched with the theme of “The Unexpected Experience”, egging all generations to become part of Lido’s history again.

Reaching across generations
The three legendary cinema halls of Lido have been converted to create exceptional experiences for different generations. Lido 1 continues to be a cinema for screening top independent films in partnership with Documentary Club Thailand. Lido 2 has been transformed into a Live House hall that hosts music performances and Lido 3 is now a Black box creating opportunities for the Arts performance segment.

In addition, to the various shops in the activity area in front of Lido Connect, Street Art is also open for the younger generation to show their skills. Lido has been transformed to become a new generation Cinema Theater used for a variety of applications that includes conference, seminars,performances and exhibitions.

Lido’s management also wanted to ensure that the audio visual systems integrated into the space offered quality, reliability and user-friendly efficiency. They turned to Mahajak Development to help integrate the experience. Mahajak took on the responsibility for the entire audio visual system supply and integration at Lido Connect’s three halls.

The audio system
Lido 1
Lido 1 is a multi-function cinema theater that is used not only to screen films but it also doubles up as a space for press conferences, seminars or even for musical performances by small folk bands or duets.
To cater to the different uses in Lido 1, Mahajak installed two units of JBL AC599 in LCR configuration empowered with two units of JBL ASH6118 sub-woofers. These were further complemented by four units of JBL9320 speakers to deliver the 7.1 surround system experience. For stage monitor, a unit of JBL PRX812 speaker was installed. The loudspeakers are driven by Crown amplifiers XTi2002, XTi4002 and XTi6002. Processing and managing of the sound system is handled by BSS BLU-100. To enhance the 7.1 surround sound system further, additional processing is handled by a JBL CPi2000 which is specially designed for cinema audio processing.

Sound mixing for events in the hall is provided by a Soundcraft Si Impact console. Other than allowing for presets to be programmed, the console can also be easily controlled via an app on a tablet, offering convenience to the operator.

In addition, a Mini stage Box 32i was installed at the entrance of the cinema in order to deliver flawless audio from microphones and musical instruments. Importantly, dbx DI BOX Di4 and DB10V units were installed to provide the correct impedance for instruments and eliminate noise, thus helping ensure a pleasant audio experience for the audience.

Lido 2
JBL SRX800 Self-Powered Series were used for sound reinforcement which also had the added advantage of being able to be monitored via the network system. The loudspeakers for this space comprised two units of JBL SRX835P configured in LCR with six units of JBL SRX828SP subwoofers for live performance application. Four units of JBL SRX815P were installed as the center loudspeakers to deliver 5.1 surround and JBL PRX815 loudspeakers were installed as stage monitors for the musicians. A BSS BLU-100 DSP was once again configured to manage the sound processing.

Lido 2 had the same systems installed as in LIDO 1 in terms of console and DI Boxes – the Soundcraft Si Impact console as well as the Mini stage Box 32i and dbx DI Box Di4 and DB10V.

Lido 3
This space has been transformed into a Black Box Theater with the hall designed specifically for art performances. Mahajak selected the JBL PRX800 series again complemented with PRX815W loudspeakers and the PRX818XLFW sub-woofers that both enable control of tuning and performance with its onboard Wi-Fi technology and advanced DSP making it convenient for the operator to control the speakers on the go.

The visual system
Mahajak installed a Barco DP2K-20C projector for Lido 1. The compact and fully integrated digital cinema projector supports 2K resolution and is compatible with DCP package and Barco Alchemy Server. In addition Barco a touch panel was integrated for convenience to control the system. Barco’s DP2K-20C features DXL-40BAF/L Ushio xenon lamp to illuminate images according cinema standards.The system supports VDO file except DCP file. It can play via PC Desktop that Mahajak sets up the PC Desktop connected with Denon AVR processor via HDMI.

“We met and exceeded all the objectives of the client. Patrons and audiences now get to experience the space in totality where the interior decoration, the comfort of the halls and the audio visual systems come together for a memorable and pleasing day or night out,” said Mahajak team.