Yamaha UC highlighted three categories of its product portfolio, all designed to deliver communication with pristine audio quality. UC launched its latest conference phone, the YVC-330, which combines a compact, portable design with excellent clarity. Innovative SoundCap technology uses Far Field Noise Reduction (FFNR) to eliminate background noise, ensuring perfect speech intelligibility even in loud environments such as open-plan offices. It also features an automatic mute function, which engages when participants are not speaking, This enhances the performance of Yamaha’s Human Voice Activity Detection technology, which instantly distinguishes human voices from other sounds. The YVC-330 can easily be connected to laptops, tablets or smartphones via USB, Bluetooth or NFC, ensuring it is ready to use in any situation.


Yamaha UC also offers video sound bars as all-in-one AV solutions, including the CS-700 with integrated camera for the perfect, voice-optimized solution for small and medium rooms. It can be easily wall-mounted and blends into the interior design of any meeting space. Using an adapter, only one cable is needed to establish the connection to a desktop or laptop computer and initiate conferences. A four-microphone beamforming array captures every word, while the camera covers 120° to keep an eye on everything. Compatible with USB, Bluetooth and NFC, the CS-700 is a flexible, versatile and affordable solution for video conferences with pristine sound quality in any environment.

The third category of the UC product portfolio is wireless conference microphone systems for unsurpassed audio quality in meeting rooms, training facilities and auditoriums. Executive Elite and HD series professional microphone systems, for example, work perfectly in combination with the powered loudspeaker systems and audio processors. To guarantee easy operation in any application, all Yamaha Unified Communications products are compatible with all common software and platform solutions, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or WebEx.

The Yamaha UC product portfolio brings professional conference technology with high quality audio into a wide range of environments, from the home office to large meeting rooms at global companies and university auditoriums.

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