Brandon Heinz, Product Manager, Renkus-Heinz with the DC12/2 and the tablet featuring the set-up App

The key to improving access to steerable solutions is the DC12/2 ultra-compact, steerable self-powered column array.


The DC12/2 brings clarity, intelligibility, and control synonymous with Renkus-Heinz’ legendary digitally steered line arrays to smaller, but equally challenging, spaces.

An impressive supporting technology built for the DC12/2 is the capability to setup the speaker via smartphone or tablet.

This allows integrators to install quickly, then use several expertly designed presets through an iOS or Android device to tailor the system for the specific environment.

By providing multiple directivity options in the app, Renkus-Heinz is making it possible for everyone to deliver consistent coverage that dramatically outshines a typical point source or column loudspeaker.

“Making use of the mobile devices that have become ubiquitous in our world is an intuitive approach to making steerable solutions a more attractive option for integrators and end users,” said Matt Czyzewski, President of Renkus-Heinz.

“We can streamline the installation and setup process without sacrificing audio quality, meaning Renkus-Heinz’ cutting-edge technology is now accessible for more organizations – and in additional locations across those organizations.”

Easily installed with the included wall mount, the DC12/2 requires no vertical aiming and is the perfect choice for smaller venues – meeting rooms, lecture halls, and small theater spaces.

Beam steering technology overcomes traditional acoustic obstacles – such as locations with an abundance of reflective surfaces – and places sound where it should be: on the audience.