At ISE 2020, Calibre UK announced that Japanese distribution and business partner AZLAB had ordered a quantity of Calibre’s innovative SmartBrick LED Displays, and were demonstrating together with their latest content management software, specifically for demonstration at the show.


AZLAB develops leading software solutions for vertical markets including control systems, digital signage, image processing, video capture and playback, and broadcast.

“It’s becoming clear that there are many environments in which traditional, rectangular displays no longer capture attention like they once did – and if they’re not capturing attention, they’re not doing what they’re supposed to,” said Kazunobu Azuma, CEO at AZLAB. “Since LED is the trend and what’s needed are new display formats – formats that stand out in a crowded store or street – and that’s where we see a real opportunity with LED technology and, in particular, with Calibre’s SmartBrick system. At ISE, we were showing what we believe is the future of digital signage.”

Available in 300mm x 56.25mm and available in silver and black colours, Calibre SmartBrick displays feature 1.25mm pixel pitch LED technology. They can be simply interlocked up to 180cm in length to create almost any size or shape of installation – and with 600 nits of brightness, a contrast ratio of 10000:1, a viewing angle of 170 degrees and 110% NTSC colour gamut, they deliver compelling, captivating, highly visible images.

“SmartBrick is a wonderfully flexible display solution that provides users with unlimited creativity in delivering eye-catching retail digital signage and brings newlevels of sophistication and appeal to brand advertising, freeform display or any environment where the message needs to stand out,” said Willy Tsai, Managing Director, Calibre UK.

“Like any digital signage, however, it needs compelling content – and AZLAB has created a smart, unique, all new solution that enables users to simply, quickly and flexibly edit, load and schedule content that shows SmartBrick at its best, and to see the results in real time.”

Apart from demonstrated in a real time video processing application by AZLAB, in conjunction with Calibre’s SmartBrick, Calibre also demonstrated the HQPro1000 delivers truly seamless switching – transitions are ultra-fast – as well as support for multiple sources and layers, and up to four program outputs plus a confidence monitor output.

Scaling is provided by Calibre’s best-in-class low-latency proprietary HQUltra technology supporting 4K50/60 4:4:4 RGB formats – a high end feature only found in much more expensive 4K switcher/scalers. Streaming video using the H.264 codec is supported, as are pan and zoom, dissolve/fade, cut, and through-black.