InfoComm India 2021 GoVIRTUAL – second virtual event in the running for Indian AV’s premier exhibition platform – took off on Wednesday 15, September showcasing not just the technology solutions that connect people but also the passion and ambition to define and determine the ‘post-lockdown, new normal’ world.

SIAsia presents a glimpse of what the two-day event had presented on day one.


Numbers & Nuances

·       53 Exhibitors

·       163 Live Demos

·       40 Industry Forums & AVIXA Seminars

·       New product launches

·       Focus on New Normal Life & Business

·       Perspectives on preparedness for future


Even as the world begins to consolidate its learnings to live in the post-Lockdown, new normal milieu, InfoComm India’s 2021 edition took off reliving the aspirations of the industry, and its user communities to a newer expression of normality.

Having done last year what was claimed as the world’s first digital tradeshow platform that combined AI-powered business matchings and live product demos with virtual showcases, the second edition today sought to relive the reputation with improved understanding.

While the number of Live Demos spoke about the passion the industry continued to move with, the structure of the industry forums depicted the perspectives shaping up the industry dynamic in the present, and its preparedness for the future.

Watch Out for the SII Awards Fare this evening

The ‘day-two’ event of IFI 2021 GoVIRTUAL will have its crescendo in the much-awaited excitement of Systems Integration India Awards 2021. The fourth edition of Indian AV’s one and only prestigious Awards Initiative, the SIIA 2021 will unfold at 6.05 pm IST. Bet on it, this year’s event is a must-watch programme.

 Those who have not registered to the event yet, may do it now by clicking HERE.  

Get in there; have the visual feast and relish for the months to come.

The day one seminar programme showed on increased focus on the ‘design’ element with most sessions debating how COVID has impacted life and businesses and how the design community can help evolve spaces for hybrid work cultures.

Even as the OEMs, and other solution providers through their Demo Rooms began their product showcasing, the day one began with two very important webinars. The Industry Forum began with a Keynote Address by C K Varma, Additional Director General at the Central Public Works Department (CPWD), while the AVIXA Forum began with the ‘AV Leaders Connect – Global ProAV Outlook: Charting a Path Out of the Pandemic.’

The former webinar had the ADG detailing what measures the CPWD brought to place, to be able to continue its work while ensuring health safety of the workforce involved, the latter was a panel discussion moderated by Jonathan Seller, with the panel involving five top AV consultants- Abdul Waheed, MD of EYTE Technologies; Mradul Sharma, MD of 3CDN Workplace Tech; Kelvin Ashby-King, Principal Consultant-T2 Consulting Group; Vineet Singh, MD of HMPL Consulting; and Sangya Gupta, CEO of Ask Consultants.

The panel discussion threw some very insightful light on ‘how the industry would look like after 2021.’

The day also had two focused webinars on hybrid workplaces – one by Logitech as part of AVIXA programming, and the other by Screenbeam on the industry forum – that discussed the various dynamics that are shaping the thought processes as also the means and methods of hybrid workspaces.

Another interesting panel discussion was on the ‘future of workspace realities.’ Moderated by Prashant Sutaria, Principal Architect of Prashant Sutaria Architects, the session had four renowned architects sharing their experiences and thoughts on the typical changes that the future workspaces will undergo in terms of design and technology adoption, and the role of AV in their preparedness for any eventuality in future.

The panelists included Alhad Gore, Managing Partner at Beyond Design Architects and Consultants; Kartik Punjabi, Managing Director of Vijay Punjabi Consultants Pvt Ltd, and Kulin Kapadia, Founder of Alcove Design Consultants, Director Paperspace Asia.

On the product front, the day did see some novel product introductions.

  • A&T Video Networks introduced two new video-conferencing cameras from AVER;
  • Crestron launched new Digital Media NVX series of D10 & E10;
  • Kramer presented their Kramer Network Solution
  • Milestone introduced their new Pro USB solution MP-SUH4KVM-3.0 S
  • Shure demo room discussed the new Microflex solution & more.

However, one important product/solution demo that will add a new dimension to Indian AV is the advent of visualization and collaboration solutions leader Cyviz. The Norwegian Control Room solutions major had been keen on Indian market for a few years now, and it appears the Stavanger-based technology major is set to create a new dynamic in India.