In March 2023, INFiLED built a QM series screen for Sanding Electric Co., Ltd. in Jinan, China. The screen had a size of 8.5 square meters and was placed in the company’s conference room to display content in meetings.

Sanding Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in developing and manufacturing various types of electrical equipment. Due to the ageing of the display previously used in its conference room, the QM Series, one of the best indoor LED screens on the market, was chosen to make its new display solution.

With a pixel pitch of only 1.56mm, the new screen made the communication of conference content clear through high-definition quality; besides, it was equipped with the high-performance NovaStar A5s Plus receiving card and ICND2065 LED driver IC to achieve intelligent control and smooth on-screen content display.

In terms of colour representation, the QM series has a refresh rate of 3840Hz and a contrast ratio of 5000:1, which can display graphics and text content with more colour subtlety and more visible shading. This superior picture quality ensures that attendees in the conference room see every detail of the on-screen presentation, resulting in smoother meeting information delivery.

To make the screen easy to install, the QM series cabinet and frame are designed to be lightweight and practical. The series of cabinets are easy for workers to move and assemble, as each weighs only 4.9kg; the thickness of the entire screen frame (with slim floating brackets) is just 37mm and can be seamlessly mounted on the wall. Moreover, the frame is also equipped with anti-collision rims, which can well protect the LEDs from damage.

About QM series

QM series is one of INFiLED’s most remarkable LED displays; it adopts advanced IMD&COB encapsulation technology. Features a wide colour gamut, high brightness, and high contrast ratio of 20000:1; this series can offer an exquisite and vivid picture with vibrant colour and rich detail. It is the best solution for a range of indoor applications, including command centres, studios, stations, and classrooms.