Chengdu Tianfu International Airport has installed a brand-new INFiLED LED display!The impressive 20x4m INFiLED MV3.9 display shows high-definition content with wide display angles, offering a beautiful visual experience and energetic atmosphere for passengers.

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is located in the capital city Chengdu of Sichuan province of China. The importance of the location makes this airport a national hub and responsible for international and domestic routes departing from Chengdu.

TianFu Airport upgraded its facilities to highlight a smart transportation hub. As part of the upgrade, the INFiLED LED display installed offers a high-quality digital visualization display platform for passengers and visitors. It also enhances the images of brands brand displayed on the display with bright and sharp colours and complements the aesthetic of the airport.

In terms of user experience, this exclusive LED display offers outstanding performance with a 180 degrees viewing angle.

INFiLED feels proud to bring such beautiful digital scenery to the airport.

About the INFiLED MV LED series
Lightweight, robust, high-performance LED solution for fixed installations at an affordable price.

INFiLED MV Series is a new value-added solution suitable for a wide range of fixed advertising applications, including city squares, commercial pedestrian zones, transportation hubs. Featuring a slim and lightweight aluminium profile system frame, the MV series offers a balance between weight and durability to withstand harsh environmental factors such as direct UV rays, varying temperatures, constant vibrations, and severe weather conditions.