Inspired by faith, inculcated with their core mission and values, and dedicated to the ongoing legacy of their Founders, the Gopal Narayan Singh University in Sasaram, Bihar, has endeavoured to set the standard for an engaged, contemporary and nurturing institution spearheaded by a management team that always aspires to achieve more.

The GNS university system promotes innovative, diverse, globally engaged citizens and leaders through their enrich culture and society, and looks to create prosperity while serving the greater public good; by fostering ‘e-transformative’ power of advanced learning through the adept use of technology.

Central to the university achieving its objectives is its ultra-modern multipurpose, hybrid business room that capably hosts conferences, seminars and several other intelligent learning activities. This facility – keeping in view its growing requirement for wider and more efficient technology infrastructure – has recently been upgraded with a state-of-the-art conferencing architecture from renowned AV brands OSL and British Acoustics.

Designed and integrated by reputed solutions provider Auxible India, the multipurpose business room at the GNS University sports a comprehensive set-up of the wired OSL Business Conference System- which according to the brand representatives, ‘surpasses the industry standards’ in its ease of use, design and inter-operability with the existing conference room ecosystem.

A stellar standout of the BCS system – the BCS 1C is the chairman unit, which comes with standard 3-pin mini XLR mic input accepting the BCS GN-18 or C Ray microphones. The chairman units have two buttons – Push to Talk & Mute All – thereby extending greater control to the chairperson over the direction of discourse; while all other delegate units have a single ‘Push to Talk’ button that affords ease of use and extremely agile and quick conferencing capabilities.

Audio playback of the discourse proceedings is afforded through multiple units of the British Acoustics TC-8 loudspeaker and OHM BRT 26 loudspeakers which have been installed at strategic points across the room to offer optimum coverage. Multiple units of the RT 350 dual channel 350W installation amplifier for distributed audio, and 2XS 2 – channel high-performance amplifier system for install specific applications featuring PSL Preamps and Gorilla Limiters – both from British Acoustics – have been deployed to power the entire audio system.

Comprehensive system management is achieved through the British Acoustics PW Six loudspeaker management system, with control made possible through the Delta Control Software, and the units themselves offering multiple input & output EQ Filters, Routing, Peak Limiting, and Compression Settings over a 96Hz sample rate.

“The challenge was not only to get the best sound quality of the audio system but also to ensure flawless interaction of the numerous components in a seamless manner to create an immersive sound image throughout the site,” recalls Auxible India’s Manish Chandel, explaining the nuances of the design and install process. “The system design was created after conducting a thorough analysis of the venue to precisely understand the needs of the space.”

According to him, the OSL BCS system represents the most efficient business conference solution in its class, and was undoubtedly the best fit for this particular project.

“On the other hand, we chose the TC-8 as it delivers a superior sonic presence, and compliments the BRT 26 quite brilliantly, which by itself is an amazing loudspeaker that offers superior performance with a high-class finished look suitable for any application,” he explains further. “All in all, I love the sound experience at the space. The performance of the system just enhances the ambiance of the venue; and we’re told that the user experience too is extremely smooth and efficient.”

Vardhaman Mega Tech (VMT), the official representatives of British Acoustics and OSL in India, have been noted to provide crucial technical and logistical support in the successful commissioning of the project.

Says Jeff Mandot, National Sales Manager, VMT Enterprise: “OSL is one of the leading brands in the market that have engineered systems for conference applications. Overall, the comprehensive audio system installed at the GNS University is perfect for the venue, and the design is absolutely fantastic. Great job done by the Auxible India team, with the speakers being strategically placed throughout the venue for even distribution of sound; and creating a truly professional environment.”