Many cultural performance centers around the world are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting solutions for a variety of performances in the future. Chiayi City Cultural Center in Taiwan is one of these.

The Center planned an upgrade to its music hall and consulted with CINE Vision
Trading Co., LTD (CINE Vision), the ETC dealer for the Taiwan market. With the
reliable services and product demonstrations provided by CINE Vision, ETC’s high-
quality fixtures were selected, including Source Four LED Series 3 with the Lustr X8
array and CYC adapters and High End Systems’ SolaPix series fixtures.

Chiayi City Culture Center is located in Taiwan, covers an area of more than 5,000
square meters. It contains three buildings, including a museum, a library, and a
music hall. The music hall seats 943. Several renowned cultural groups such as The
National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra and the Ming Hwa Yuan Arts and Culture
Group performed in the music hall after the upgrade.

Zack Lee, the Venue Manager, commented, “The performance organizers are
impressed by the beautiful lighting effect on the cyclorama brought by Series 3. The
full-colour Lustr X8 array added with Deep Red creates a vivid and nuanced colour
which feels like using traditional tungsten with gel.” The high CRI and the smooth
linear dimming at 0-5% brightness with low light spill are why Zack picked Series 3
over Series 2.

The unmatched brightness of the wall wash effect brought by SolaPix also
impressed the customer. It will surely enhance the lighting effects and take art
performances like ballet repertoires to the next level, and create infinite possibilities
for future lighting design.

CINE Vision offers reliable services and engaging marketing activities like product
seminars and social media promotions. CINE’s professional team actively promotes
ETC’s industry-leading and highly-reviewed products in the market. Many local
customers like Chiayi City Culture Center are impressed by these excellent
initiatives, which successfully build trust and accelerate business growth in the local


CINE Vision