Belgian pro audio manufacturer AUDAC is happy to launch the ATEO2S into the market, a true click and play solution featuring the already beloved ATEO2 design wall loudspeakers. This compact loudspeaker maintains the extraordinary audio quality we expect from the ATEO series and is equipped with the innovative ClickMount mounting system, which is specifically designed to make mounting the speakers in corners an easy task. The ATEO2S includes both the speaker and the mounting system bundled together.

With the new ClickMount technology, a true plug-and-play user-friendly installation is ensured. The professional system has the advantage of making the speaker cabinet click onto its mounting bracket either horizontally or vertically via a 6.3mm jack connector. After installation, the speaker angle can be adjusted by using the bracket arm, allowing the speaker to be inclined in any direction you choose.

The ATEO2S’ impressive versatile mounting system allows the loudspeaker to be used in various fixed indoor applications like modern residential environments, retail stores or offices. Just like the ATEO2, it effortlessly blends into its surroundings, creating a subtle but effective solution. Thanks to the ceiling mount bracket, it even excels in technically difficult areas where the walls are not usable.