dnp denmark Delivers the Detail for Planning Fibre Installations

Customers of LM Gruppen impose tough demands on quality, schedules, costs and environmental responsibility. To meet these demands, the Danish fibre installation specialists have to plan everything meticulously and pay close attention detail. And that, in turn, requires the best type of visual presentation.


When dnp denmark first came into contact with LM Gruppen, the company needed two display solutions. One was for a large auditorium for 40 people, and the other for a management room. Both rooms were brightly lit with low ceilings. CEO, Soeren Knudsen was impressed by the screens he saw at a dnp seminar and showroom.

For the auditorium, Soeren chose a dnp Supernova Core 120” Screen. This delivers the superior image quality of optical rear projection with a front projection screen’s minimal space requirements and ease of installation. “We use our Supernova every day for briefings and instructions,” said Soeren. “We get great images even in our brightly lit auditorium. The 120” screen means we can also give impressive presentations.”

A dnp LaserPanel Touch Screen was installed in the management room. It offers large high-contrast images at a fraction of the cost of an LED flat screen. “Our management room is where we run projects and work on our technical drawings,” said Soeren. “Our convenient, easy-to-use LaserPanel Touch enables the collaboration that is vital to this aspect of our business.”