The entire world is undergoing a paradigm shift since the COVID-19 pandemic. Educational Institutions following traditional teaching methodologies or enabled with digital teaching devices are equally impacted and the learning process of the students has become a big question. This has alarmed all the educational institutions to move to a Virtual Learning Environment to continue their classes beyond the barriers of physical location, time or device. Amid many ‘makeshift’ arrangements to implement virtual teaching, the major missing feature is an integrated solution that could enable an ‘easy transition’ to Virtual Learning Environment.


To address the problem, Cybernetyx is offering Kneura, an integrated Virtual Classroom Platform offers blended learning – a combination of traditional face-to-face and online learning and provides powerful tools for Educators to Create and Deliver Lessons (Live and Online), Grade, Advise and Engage with Learners and achieve extraordinary learning outcomes.

The tasks performed by administrator, teachers and students are enhanced using AI-powered tools and digitized, making it feasible from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Kneura is basically an integrated digital platform for Education empowering the stakeholders in every step.

* Administrators can create a virtual structure of school on Kneura platform in minutes by creating classrooms, mapping teachers and students
* Teachers can create lessons from anywhere using AI-powered tools
* Lessons can be stored and managed from one place
* Delivering virtual instruction through highly secure built-in video conferencing system
* Quick and Easy creation of formative assessments using AI-powered automatic question generator, pre-defined templates
* Lessons, assessments and announcements can be shared to the students instantly, who can then access it through their respective logins anytime, anywhere.
* Student attendance and performance can be automatically tracked and maintained to provide insightful reports for retrospection.

The above-mentioned features, each of them, occupy an important pie in the learning delivery process. Currently, most of them are either done manually or bound to physical barriers like a person, location and time, or dependent on different tools to achieve individual tasks, whereas Kneura is the World’s First platform that provides all the features in an integrated fashion, making it easy for the institutions to adopt and use.

To experience the platform targeted users can logon to the website below and get started with the FREE Trial.