The new Crestron AirMedia Connect Adaptor provides customers with the freedom to wirelessly present and conference on any connected display, in any meeting space, with dedicated Microsoft Teams bundles.

Crestron Electronics, a global leader in workplace collaboration technology, has announced the AirMedia Connect Adaptor, a one-touch, plug-and-play wireless presentation solution for wireless conferencing. As Microsoft announced at their Enterprise Connect 2023 keynote, Crestron and Microsoft will launch an AirMedia collaboration bundle for Microsoft Teams software that will bring BYOD and Microsoft Teams meetings to even more spaces. The AirMedia Connect Adaptor is the only dongle optimized by Microsoft for wireless collaboration, eliminating the need for an application to present and conference, and expanding and simplifying BYOD meeting solutions.

“Whether you’re in a huddle room, lounge, or mixed-use room, effective hybrid work requires the ability to easily present and conference without jumping through hoops,” said Lauren Simmen, director of commercial product marketing for Crestron. “The plug-and-play AirMedia Connect Adaptor allows users to collaborate more freely using their personal devices and any outfitted display to riff on an impromptu brainstorm or deliver a formal business presentation.”

Enabling Seamless BYOD Collaboration in Any Type of Room
BYOD is a leading request of organizations that want a simple way to bring meeting capabilities to smaller or non-traditional collaboration spaces where they may not want to deploy full third-party collaboration infrastructure. The AirMedia Connect Adaptor works with various platforms for added flexibility, but the Microsoft Teams software variation adds even more convenience for organizations that have chosen a standard meeting platform. With the press of a button, users can instantly join virtual meeting participants using their device of choice while taking advantage of the high-quality audio and video in-room peripherals. When used for wireless presentation, the AirMedia Connect Adaptor allows for content transmission in up to 4K/30p, so users never have to worry that their image or video quality will suffer. Even more, all content transmitted utilizes encryption, so guests won’t have to worry about using new networks, and hosts won’t have to worry about unwanted intrusions.

With its wireless presentation capability and upcoming wireless conferencing functionality, the AirMedia Connect Adaptor increases meeting efficiency and productivity as it allows for greater choice in device type, meeting format, and location, each of which is an increasingly relevant factor as enterprises navigate returns to the office. Simply plug the AirMedia Connect Adaptor into the local device’s USB-C connector, use the quick-touch buttons, and present or conference with no need to install additional software or adjust user access.

Your Gateway to Better Meetings
For Microsoft Teams users constantly moving to and from their offices, the AirMedia Connect Adaptor will streamline their BYOD workplace experience. Where Crestron essential room technologies are in place, AirMedia collaboration technology integrates natively to create a robust, intelligent experience: occupancy sensors to wake the room up, touch screens to manage schedules and controls, and the Crestron DigitalMedia platform to enable wired presentation and content distribution, without the hassle of extensive programming in each room.

As with all Crestron devices, provisioning and managing AirMedia devices can be done remotely with zero-touch provisioning through the Crestron XiO Cloud Management System, which can also be used to deploy firmware updates, keeping the system updated without needing new installations or hardware replacements.

The AirMedia Connect Adaptor with wireless presentation will begin shipping in April, and an upcoming firmware update in Q2 2023 will enable full wireless conferencing capabilities. The BYOD Crestron AirMedia and Microsoft Teams bundle will ship in Q4 2023. To learn more about this latest evolution of the AirMedia technology portfolio, read the blog.