Condeco, a global leader with a comprehensive workspace management suite designed to connect people in the office and remotely, has announced the strategic acquisition of Proxyclick, the market-leading visitor management platform that enables the enterprise to welcome visitors and employees into the workplace without compromising the health, security, or compliance objectives of customers. The acquisition follows Condeco’s strategic growth investment from Thoma Bravo and JMI Equity which was completed in the summer of 2021.

As corporate leaders worldwide act quickly to navigate today’s fluid environment, Condeco is investing strategically to expand its workspace solutions for the enterprise. The acquisition of Proxyclick reflects the needs of customers to connect people in the workplace while also addressing any potential new legal and compliance requirements needed from employees and visitors prior to entering the workplace.

Redefining the Future at Work
“Today’s workplace has been transformed by COVID-19 and businesses of all sizes in every sector are still trying to imagine how tomorrow will work,” said Paul Statham, Founder and CEO of Condeco. “Our workspace solutions are already helping 2000+ businesses position themselves for future growth with a flexible work model. In this new world, visitor management will be a key differentiator in helping businesses run their offices more safely and efficiently.”

“We’re thrilled to become part of the Condeco family,” said Gregory Blondeau, Founder and CEO of Proxyclick. “Our visitor experience redefined how to get people into an office, multi-tenant property, corporate campus or manufacturing site. This service enables the future of work, connecting people and places around the world. Our combined solution extends Proxyclick’s visitor and employee check in platform with Condeco’s meeting room management and desk booking solutions. With access control integrations, calendar extensions, ID matching and more, customers can further transform the way people connect in the workplace.”

“Proxyclick provides an exciting new step forward for Condeco,” continued Statham. “Our vision is to make every office the best place to work, where employees and visitors can safely meet to engage and collaborate – a place where businesses can thrive.”

The acquisition of Proxyclick advances Condeco’s strategy to offer an end-to-end enterprise booking and visitor management platform that provides employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, leading to enhanced performance and better business outcomes. With the ability to book workspaces to allow collaboration on secure premises and manage both employee and guest access, Condeco eliminates uncertainty and optimizes the meeting experience for both the host and guest. Proxyclick’s health screening feature for office guests will also be available on the Condeco platform, meeting the continued demand for ever-changing health and safety solutions amid the pandemic.