The new DICENTIS Flush language selector from Bosch is a user-friendly solution for multi-lingual meetings where simultaneous interpretation is required.

This launch extends the interpretation product lineup in the Bosch IP-based conference system portfolio.

The intuitive language selector serves passive listeners such as meeting delegates or journalists, making it an ideal choice for parliaments and international conventions and events.

Additional design features utilize the latest technology to ensure a positive user experience. Touch buttons add to the streamlined look and feel of the device. The language selection functionality – with language ISO (International Organization of Standardization) abbreviations or descriptions in native characters – is only visible when a headphone is connected and when interpretation languages are available. The bright screen automatically switches off seconds after use.

DICENTIS enables more cost-effective installations by taking advantage of existing IP infrastructure and utilizing PoE.

The new language selector integrates seamlessly with the DICENTIS Conference System platform, which is based on the powerful OMNEO media networking architecture. Once connected, it automatically adopts the DICENTIS interpretation settings, ensuring efficient routing of the selected language. This is achieved instantly and requires no extra configuration or system restart.

All DICENTIS Conference System devices can be easily combined in one system solution. Active conference participants can use the Discussion device with language selector, the Discussion device with touchscreen, or the Multimedia device to select their preferred language. Passive listeners can follow meeting proceedings on the Flush language selector in the language of their choice.

Up to 100 interpreter-provided languages are supported, streamed from the DICENTIS Interpreter desk via an IP network.

Finished in black, the Flush language selector has a sleek form factor that will complement any interior, making it ideal for both modern and historic conference locations. An invisible mounting system adds to its aesthetic refinement. It shares the same installation footprint and layout as the renowned DCN Flush range from Bosch, allowing it to easily replace the DCN FCS Flush channel selector without any further rework of the conference location.

The DICENTIS Flush language selector will be available worldwide from April 2020 onwards.