Ever since its inception at Mumbai’s upscale Juhu region, True Tram Trunk (TTT) has created quite the ripple among the young circles in town. It’s penchant for attracting the young gen-next that let them unwind after a hard day’s work as the sun goes down. So when the brand set up shop at the ever-bustling BKC area of Mumbai – widely acclaimed as the new corporate hub of the metropolis – success was albeit a foregone conclusion.


Exuding a grungy American highway pub feel, TTT – or call it T3 – at the BKC is a typified space with ample space to move around accommodate throngs of crowds throughout the day. The outlet has consistently maintained a high level of service as it has faithfully reproduced their trademark good- old FnB service that includes delectable eateries, and a slew of beverages to spirit up the moods.

Another highlight of the place is the music; the venue has grown over the years a reputation to ‘hit the sweet-spot’ with its playlist of genres ranging from retro to pop to commercial and everything in between. Patrons have often been seen letting their hair loose on the dance floor during those high energy weekend nights when the DJ takes over to spin the latest in dance and electronic music.

As the venue recently completed four years of indulgence in high energy recreation, T3 decided to overhaul the venue’s soundscape, with the objective of rendering itself with new and more versatile sound system capable of reinforcing the expanded music profile that the venue adopted in more recent times.

After researching various technologies available, nay, multitude of design-integration solutions providers, T3 took onboard Mumbai-based AV player Integrated System Design (ISD), who proposed a comprehensive audio architecture from Harman. The package, obviously, comprised JBL loudspeakers, Crown amps, and BSS processors.

“After our first interaction with the management, we conducted a thorough analysis of the venue which helped us work out the kind of system configuration needed to meet the audio demands of the space,” informs Malay Jhaverri, director at ISD. “Factoring in various crucial elements like the physical dimensions of the venue, the ceiling height, the planned music profile (both daily and weekly), and of course, the management’s request for an aesthetically appeasing loudspeaker system design, we were able to zero in on products from JBL’s acclaimed Application Engineering series of loudspeakers with amplification from Crown’s proven DCi and XTi series, and processing from BSS’ famed BLU series,” he details the soundscape composition.

“From past experience of working with these products on different projects, we knew that this system would prove to be a winning combination and propel our endeavour of achieving a consistent and impactful sonic experience across every inch of the venue,” explains Malay.

Working off of the data accumulated from the venue analysis, and the low ceiling height of the space, team ISD have deployed multiple units of JBL’s AM 7215 high-power two-way loudspeakers at precise plot points within the venue to achieve the intended SPL experience across the space.

Of particular act were the rotatable horn design of the loudspeakers that allowed the team to deploy the AM 7215 units in horizontal orientation, while maintaining optimum dispersion throughout the designated region. At the same time, multiple units of the ASB 6128 subwoofers have been deployed at strategic points to optimize low frequency fidelity throughout the venue.

The T3 also houses a private dining section that is massively popular for hosting corporate functions, team meetings, and more. It did want this purposeful space to be doubly impactful with suitable audio reinforcement.

Team ISD have maintained the use of the AM 7215 loudspeakers within this section as well, along with the use of ASB 6115 compact subwoofers. This combination allowed the integrator to not just maintain a constant sonic signature throughout the entire venue, but also assure a soundscape that can be tailored from crisp and unintrusive audio delivery to absolutely high-energy party audio experience whenever the need arises.

“Kudos to team ISD for a job well done,” thumb-ups a T3 management rep. “We’re very pleased with the overall sound experience.”

According to him, the newly reinforced audio ambience has rendered the music crisp and punchy, and absolutely no ‘dead-spots’ anywhere in the venue. “The sound experience in the main service area is exactly the same as in a private dining area, which is such a great thing for us,” he commends. “We’ve had so many patrons noticing the change in the sound; the place is rocking; and our patrons absolutely loved every bit of it!”