Systems Integration Asia – as part of its continued endeavour to represent the regional industry as vividly as possible even as it strives to stay as closer to the ground as possible – has yet another binding initiative coming up. As the industry transitions from Pre-COVID times towards Post-COVID times, SI Asia has formulated yet another digital initiative for one of its largest and strongest market geographies- India. Come 2021, and Indian AV industry will have a timely informative treat to relish.

Come 2021, SI Asia will have a new informative treat for its trusted subscribers in India, the magazine’s largest market. An exclusive E-newsletter for the India market.

Going on wire every month, alternating with SI Asia’s already popular pan-Asiatic E-Newsletter, this new initiative seeks to rev up the ProAV dynamic in the country by a notch or two, with a slew of interesting features to capture the interests of the industry.

The digital instrument will dish out every month fascinating feeds exclusively from Indian ProAV industry, besides regular news and country-relevant updates.

Some of the features to rev up the enthusiasm would be a combination of audio and video clips relating to Indian AV. The content dished out in the format would include interviews from the Industry’s movers and shakers, industry events, and install stories, besides occasional tech-bytes by experts.

“This was coming,” says Ram Bhavanashi, SI Asia’s Editor for India and ME regions. “India, as it is, is one of the most dynamic ProAV markets in the world with credentials second to none; it did demand an instrument of this sort for long,” he said. “It couldn’t have come at a better time- when the industry is fast adapting to the ‘new normal’ and evolving with the new dynamic, an instrument like this was the need of the industry.”

The new SI Asia-India E-newsletter doesn’t aim at being a mere content dump just because the country is taken to need it. It rather aims at being interactive – responding to the subscribers’ expectations and suggestions. It intends to involve its subscribers towards making it an inclusive medium.

“We are extremely glad to be able to bring it forth,” said Ram Bhavanashi. “We are doubly excited to seeing people taking to it and interacting with us on the editorials.”

“We were the first regional publication to have a locally stationed full time editor in India. Nine years have passed and we have cemented our relationship with the Industry in India. We had launched the Systems Integration India Awards, as of now our only Awards programme in Asia. So this is a natural step forward for us to produce a communication tool specifically for this market,” said Thomas Prakasam, Publisher, Systems Integration Asia.