With COVID, and Pandemic no longer big scares for life and businesses, the New Normal and Hybrid Worlds are only getting better, and with new audio-visual trappings. Perhaps, one of the biggest gainers of the rejuvenation is the commercial real-estate market, and those operating in and around Bengaluru in particular.

That having been the trend, Bengaluru-based Primeco Realty Pvt Ltd have emerged as a major player within this market, with the company having designed and constructed some of Bangalore’s most iconic commercial high-rises– many of which have already been occupied by some big names from IT, corporate, and hospitality segments.

One of the signature embellishments of the group has been its adopting of German audio solutions major LD Systems for the lobbies, and other common areas of the high-rises spreading a sense of bespoke luxury to not just those who dwell within the space, but also to the visitors.

Pramod Rao, the Promoter of Primeco Realty, takes every aspect of the visitor and dweller experience very seriously, which is why he chose to partner with LD systems as the Pro Audio brand of choice for several of their business properties.

The realty giant’s latest adoption of LD Systems is a premium construction in the Garden City acquiring a total of 8 units of the LD Systems MAUI 28 G2 for their lobby and common areas.

“Being proud owner and user of 3 different LD systems solutions (MAUI /CURV & DAVE Series) at my private residence; I looked no further when we wanted to install sound solutions that not only looked elegant but also offer a superlative listening experience,” recalls Pramod Rao.

Kern Fernandez of Tiara Audio India LLP arranged for a demo of the Maui 28 G2 system which supposedly took Rao & team to absolute ecstasy. “The MAUI system offers everything that we desire in terms of sound quality, and blends so well with the posh aesthetics of our lobbies,” Rao said. “We’re really pleased with the overall look and feel here.”

Rao goes on to assert that many other Primeco lead properties in Bengaluru would also be soon equipped with LD System solutions for different sound application purposes-  the immediate one being a large ‘gathering space /party area in one of the commercial buildings.

“Our clients should enjoy a world-class experience at our premises and have access to all amenities in-house without having to look around for various vendors,” says Primeco Chief. “This is exactly why we’re now in the process of installing a brand-new MAUI system as part of a total sound & light solution at the upcoming party area in one of our premium properties.” He reasons. “This will help us offer a comprehensive ecosystem of varied experiences to those within our property while improving ease of access.”

As always, Rao trusted Tiara Audio India LLP with bringing this space together for their insight on all the products and technologies.