OceanStream Inc, a leading international live events company that provides cloud-based live
production services, has selected a cloud solution from Ideal Systems in Singapore based on
Sienna’s ND Processing Engine. The NDI processing engine from Sienna is a real time software-
based engine that runs in an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud instance. It is a scalable modular
infrastructure platform that can facilitate migration from SDI to IP (NDI) workflows and enable IP
based signal processing without the need for any propriety hardware. It replaces SDI hardware
(Glue) modules which are commonly cards in frames for rack mounting or single purpose converter
boxes with software based micro services running on COTS computing systems, either on premise
or in the cloud depending on the use case. The Sienna NDI platform has over 100 virtual modules
including multi-viewers, embedders, de-embedders, audio processing, frame sync, DA’s, encoders,
decoders, ARC, UDC, intercom and everything in between.

The Sienna NDI virtual processing modules are linked together on graphical layout in a web
interface to form a live signal workflow. The drag and drop nature of the user interface makes it
easy to create simple to complex and highly flexible and scalable workflows for live video and audio
production. The solution also uses a low latency video link technology known as Sienna Link that
allows low latency contribution feeds and confidence monitoring for cloud based and remote edit

Sienna NDI supports multiple IP flavors and transports including SRT, AES67, RTP, UDP streaming
and RIST. New modules are being continually developed for the platform enabling unlimited
configuration possibilities of new workflows enabling the platform to have organic growth unlike
physical SDI glue cards or single purpose boxes which need to be hardwired to create fixed

The solution designed by Ideal Systems provides OceanStream with highly scalable cloud based
multi-viewers with a fully integrated cloud based vision mixer and cloud based intercom modules
compatible with NDI and AES67. It also enables traditional engineering tools like waveform
monitors, vector scopes and audio metering. Chris Arsenault President at OceanStream said “We
chose Sienna’s NDI processing engine from Ideal as the backbone of our Cloud Production Fabric.
The flexibility and scalability of the processing engine, combined with Ideal’s support and expertise
gives us the capacity to expand our services globally.”