In partnership with TOA Electronics, Key Digital has developed a line of integrated corporate conferencing solutions for small- to medium-sized rooms. The unified solution integrates TOA Electronics’ LENUBIO audio collaboration system with Key Digital’s KD-CAMUSB PTZ camera for automated voice-tracking of conference A/V.

LeCAMbio systems link microphone beam-steering technology in a separately purchased TOA LENUBIO soundbar with Key Digital’s PTZ camera automatically delivering simultaneous voice and camera tracking of active users, improving conference focus while eliminating operational distractions for the host. 4 different LeCAMbio systems are available, offering a range of solutions to meet the needs of a variety of conference room sizes.

Each system includes the Key Digital KD-CAMUSB PTZ camera with automation based on voice-tracking capabilities of TOA Electronics’ proprietary LENUBIO AM-CF1. LENUBIO AM-CF1 houses a seven-microphone array with active stereo speakers (available in white or black). Key Digital’s KD-CX800 Control Interface is the final core hardware component, allowing IR and RS-232 system control via IP Routing. Connectivity to a host computer is handled with a single USB connection. The systems generate 1080p full HD video with up to 10X optical zoom via the KD-CAMUSB with automatic beam-steering audio capture per the AM-CF-1’s microphone array.

The AM-CF1’s automatic echo cancellation, noise reduction and other built-in DSP functions optimize audio fidelity ensuring consistent high-quality transmission in both directions. Front-mounted LEDs on the soundbar indicate the detected voice direction and distance. Touch-screen system control is handled via iOS (Compass Control Pro on iPad), and manual camera control is also available via the free KDCam Software for Windows computers. Additionally, further A/V and room devices can be easily integrated into the system’s signal flow.

In the LeCAMbio system, LENUBIO’s voice-tracking data is converted to the camera’s PTZ information, thus providing both voice and camera steering to an active participant via Key Digital’s Compass Control Pro control software for iOS. Compass Control Pro is a programing-free, plug-and-play solution for complete control and signal management under one platform.

LeCAMbio System 1 – Supports up to 5m/16ft of USB/HDMI cable length from the display.

LeCAMbio System 2 – Scales up to 50m/164ft via the use of the KD-XUSB2 USB 2.0 Extender Kit.

LeCAMbio System 3 – Incorporates the KD-X100MRX HDBaseT Receiver and KD-X4x1WUTx or KD-X3x1WUTx HDBaseT Transmitter to scale up to 100 meters of cabling extension.

LeCAMbio System 4 – Also offers 100 meters with HDBaseT consolidation and in-rack connectivity for additional sources and other system components with the addition of the KD-UPS52U Presentation Switch.

LeCAMbio systems are now shipping from stock.

Key Digital/LeCAMbio