INFiLED, a leading global manufacturer of LED displays, is proud to introduce its new development achievement, the XII series, a perfect solution for creating arc screens. It is a profound upgrade of the X series to be lighter, more flexible, more durable, and easier to use, thus more capable of fulfilling creative ideas of screen design in application fields, including stage performance, culture and arts, and conference rooms.

The XII series boasts a breakthrough in extending its bending angle to a maximum of 30 degrees while retaining a smooth panel surface. With 7 angle options within 30 degrees, it offers tremendous possibilities to construct screens of unique shapes, such as inner and out arcs, circles, providing an extraordinary and immersive visual experience.

To improve the installation process, INFiLED embeds a more ergonomic design into the XII series. Each cabinet is thinned to 76mm and weighs only 7.9kg, costing less time and labour to transport and move. LEDs on the edge of cabinets are well protected from physical damage thanks to the patented automatic corner protection design. An upgraded fast lock system guarantees tight and seamless connection of cabinets, and simple angle adjustment enables easy access to both flat and curved screens installation. In addition, it supports rear service and tool-free exchange of the power and data unit. The XII series is compatible with INFiLED EZ series, further increasing the application possibilities.

With the latest technology and innovations, the XII series can be applied in more application occasions, better satisfying various demands of customers.