Genelec has signaled a new era of sustainable growth with the opening of a brand-new extension to its lakeside factory in Iisalmi, Finland.


Utilizing the latest technologies, the extension will significantly increase the space, flexibility and efficiency of the company’s warehousing and logistics operations, while ensuring that the entire facility is now powered exclusively by sustainable sources including solar, wind and hydroelectric energy.

For over four decades, Genelec has consistently followed a path of sustainable development and environmental responsibility, and it has made recycled materials, low energy consumption and long product lifespan central to its design philosophy.

The current factory by Porovesi Lake in Iisalmi was built in 1985 with an architectural design that complements its beautiful natural surroundings, and it was designed to significantly reduce energy wastage through its use of heat recovery and generous insulation of walls, ceiling and windows.

The factory moved from oil to a combination of wind and hydroelectric energy supply many years ago, and the new extension now brings solar energy to the mix, courtesy of over 450 roof-mounted solar panels, which will supply 30% of Genelec’s annual power.

The expansion project was managed by Genelec Development Engineer Annika Hujanen and provides almost 2000 square meters (21,528 square feet) of floor space for warehousing and logistics alone, with considerable additional space for customer support offices, a centralized automation control center and efficient waste processing.

In keeping with Genelec’s environmental policies, all architects, designers and contractors were chosen for the project based on both their sustainability credentials and their close proximity to Iisalmi, resulting in less travel, better material logistics, and reduced waste and CO2 emissions.

The expansion also enables consolidation of Genelec’s external warehouses, offering further improvements in the efficiency of material flow, lean manufacturing and reductions in waste and power consumption.

Commenting on the project, Hujanen explained, “We take our responsibilities to the local community very seriously, so we were really excited to see all the people involved joining forces with us to contribute to the eco-system here in  Iisalmi in a sustainable and innovative way. The work was completed on time, on budget and to a fantastically high standard. We’re really proud of what the entire team has achieved.”

Genelec Managing Director Siamak Naghian added, “For over four decades, total quality and sustainability have been core principles of Genelec’s philosophy. The company has strategically regarded environmental issues as being equally important as profitability, and while our consistent growth in business has been the catalyst for this factory expansion, that growth has to be maintained sustainably.

Continuing to keep our entire manufacturing base here in Iisalmi means that we can always guarantee not only the premium total quality of our products, but also that our entire design and manufacturing process helps to conserve our precious natural resources.”