Extron has announced their partnership with Lutron, the leader in lighting controls and automated shading solutions. Working together, the companies are combining Extron control capabilities with the Lutron Vive Wireless lighting control solution for today’s smart-building projects.

Facility managers and AV professionals will appreciate the simple installation and setup – they can use the same Vive hub they have installed for lighting control flexibility, and simply add an Extron control processor and a touchpanel – or vice versa. A simple press on the Extron touchscreen allows he user to adjust light level and interact with other AV equipment in the room, enhancing the experience and versatility of lecture halls, conference rooms, and meeting spaces.

With the integration of Vive and Extron touchpanels users can access even more smart features. The Vive Wireless system can provide information to the Extron control system, such as occupancy data, to indicate real-time meeting space availability and status.

Designing the touchpanel control is simple. The Extron control processor sends commands to the Vive Wireless hub via web-based API. The Vive Wireless hub then communicates to Vive Wireless load controls to ensure a responsive lighting control experience as part of the complete smart-building solution.