In this day and age, businesses need to leverage on traffic, labour and sales data to optimise marketing strategies and boost operational effectiveness by collecting information on their visitor’s activities.

Canon’s advanced People Counter software caters to just that.

Utilising Canon’s expertise in the imaging technology, combined with comprehensive analysis and research on human characteristics database & pattern, the software is able to accurately account for up to 1,600 people in Full HD video and 7,000 people in 4K still image.

The software allows for a high degree of control over the specific area within the video or image for counting and analysis. Even in challenging situations such as when visitors are back or side facing the camera or under low-light conditions in both indoor and outdoor setting, the People Counter software can still maintain accurate and reliable counting.

Developed to work with any network cameras, the People Counter can operate independently or be integrated with 3rd party solutions to

summarise raw data into graphical analysis, trigger notifications for efficient crowd management as well as catering to various requirements of users’ needs.

It is targeted at handling the needs of retail stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, large commercial and public venues like stadiums and museums, as well as mass public transport systems.

Together with business analytics, it helps clients to come up with smarter solutions to improve customer service levels, increase customer engagement and at the same time, monitor and ensure business KPIs are maintained.

Part of Canon’s software suite for video content analysis is the Profile Analyzer – a powerful software capable of analyzing up to 30 people per minute.

Harnessing Face Detection and Tracking technology, Canon’s Profile Analyzer makes fast work of detecting the age and gender of multiple persons simultaneously. The data provides invaluable insights for the development of effective marketing strategies and resource deployment. Designed for easy operability, users can define and select the desired area of detection as well as the time schedule for analysis, depending on the operational hours.

The software is equipped with privacy settings to ensure information and face images are not saved in order to protect personal privacy.

Another highly trusted solution, Canon’s Face Recognition software provides real-time face detection to perform highly accurate and secure functions such as solutions for visitor registration system, access controls and uniFLOW authentication for granting permission to release print jobs on Canon devices.

Together with Canon’s Dashboard software that consolidates the video analytic data into charts reflected on one dashboard, data is conveniently accessible at one glance for easy and clear understanding.

From People Counter, Crowd People Counter, Passer-by Counter to Profile Analyzer, Face Recognition, Moving Object Mask and Dashboard, Canon’s range of comprehensive video analytic solutions seamlessly and effectively capture intelligent and scientific data critical for sound business decisions.