CLSPL Uses Downtime to Expand Offerings


Control Logic Systems (CLSPL) has ventured into the video-conferencing space by taking on distribution for Neets AV Control Systems for Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar and Brunei. Neets offer paperless E-ink digital display for wall-mounted control, Sound Bar as well as Touch Panel control. Besides, Neets has introduced Solvo – an intelligent AV systems hubs for video-enabled huddle rooms.


“We were already in discussion with Neets at ISE. We foresaw that video-conferencing would be a growing market. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of VC. The Solvo hub offers easy connection of your choice of video conferencing equipment to create a powerful automated system with CEC technology. It just needs a single USB connection from your laptop to the hub, which then automatically turns on/off all the connected devices. Our objective is to offer a simple and fuss-free one button start for your video conferencing needs.”

David also is thrilled with the touch panel control from Neets. “You do not need any programming specialist. It is a drag and drop software that enables easy configuration.”

CLSPL has come up with a package for Small and Medium Enterprises for their video conferencing needs. “We have combined the Solvo Hub with the Neets Sound Bar and a LED display and a video conferencing camera – all integrated into a mobile system. The user just needs to connect his laptop to the hub, and everything comes into play, making it easy and convenient. Most importantly, it is a cost-effective system.”

To complement Pro-Audio requirements, CLSPL is also now offering EBST Co., Ltd’s all-in-one microphone and speaker as well as a portable UV-based microphone head sterilizer. EBST is a Korean manufacturer.

The Micker Pro all-in-one microphone and speaker features a 10W dual-speaker that provides a convenient and stable quality of sound with no directional loss. It also offers howling suppressor technology, 3-level volume adjustment and even a buzzer to attract attention. Charging is made convenient with an internal charging circuit connected via USB-C to the charger. Offering good grip the rigid material provides excellent durability.

David Seow of CLSPL comments, “This is a great product that is easy to use with zero set-up time. We envision it being used for gatherings in churches, schools, community spaces and fire drills. The sound coverage can reach around 20 to 25m in an open space, and it provides excellent quality for the purposes it is intended to serve.”

Complementing the Micker Pro is the portable UVS UV Sterilizer. Tests indicate that the sterilizer offers 99.9% sterilization. “It is a simple to use product that is easily chargeable through the UCB-C connection. You put it onto the microphone head, switch it on and let it do its job. Indicators keep you informed of the status of the sterilization process. It goes hand in hand with the Micker Pro though it is not just for the Micker Pro and can be used for sterilizing any microphone head.”