Ceiling mounted TIM-1000 Trackable Intelligent Microphone

Clockaudio, a global leader in pro-AV microphone technologies based in the UK and with offices in North America and Asia, is excited to announce the availability of a new QSC Q-SYS Ecosystem Control plugin for the company’s Trackable Intelligent Microphone (TIM-1000).

The Q-SYS plugin enables the dynamic features of TIM-1000 to be simply and easily controlled through the Q-SYS software-based audio, video & control Ecosystem from QSC. This plugin will be available through the Asset Manager portal within the Q-SYS Designer Software. Facilitation of the control programming and interface for the new plugin was done by control programming and software development experts, Control Concepts.

The addition of the Q-SYS plugin simplifies integration of the TIM-1000 into Q-SYS and further enhances the setting controls for TIM-1000. This provides users with additional visual cues and performance options for the microphone. These cues can be customized to specific colours (such as the colours of a brand) or can be programmed to let meeting attendees know when a mic is muted or in an alternate state. It can also be programmed to signal specific events, such as when a phone is ringing or to remind attendees that a meeting is coming close to its end.

Simon LeDuc, Product & Technical Manager for Clockaudio shares, “With Q-SYS, users get audio and control capabilities in one solution, giving integrators an opportunity to deal with less hardware, less configuration, less steps for the install and less points of potential failure. With the robust nature of the plugin, and the flexibility of Q-SYS, what they can do with our LED ring is literally up to the integrator’s imagination, with almost endless possibilities.”

“The Q-SYS Ecosystem offers tremendous flexibility, and we are thrilled to work with manufacturers, like Clockaudio, to provide the ability to quickly and easily integrate today’s most popular meeting room endpoints into the Q-SYS Ecosystem to meet new expectations of end users,” says Jason Moss, VP of Alliances and Market Development for QSC.