British Acoustics – one of the reputed English audio brands – has made a name of its own over the 40-plus of its standing in the global Pro Audio and Pro AV business. It does have a loved clientele and trusted network of business/channel partners. Supported by all that strength, the British speaker maker has been making a steady headway in Indian audio market, particularly South India.

For a change, we thought we will focus on this aspect, and present a perspective of how the English audio solutions developer is endearing the market- for the benefit of those enthusiastic ProAVians.


Over the past few months, British Acoustics as a brand has been making its presence felt in various locations across South India – with an increasing number of install projects seemingly opting for to reinforce their respective venues with promising loudspeaker solutions from the brand to offer a unique soundscape to their patrons.

First up is ‘By The Way’, which is a top-of-the-line, multi cuisine restaurant newly opened in the bustling city of Mangalore in Karnataka. With aspirations to eventually grow into a much larger unit in due course of time, the venue currently holds a seating capacity of 200 guests, and sports a roster of chefs that carry the distinction of proficiency in a multitude of cuisine types such as South Indian, Costal, Tandoori, Chinese, and North Indian. Additionally, the venue sports a well-stocked bar, that offers a heady mix of cocktails, straight spirits or even mocktails – all tailored to the customers’ choice.

With the venue emphasizing a casual dining setting where guests would ideally be encouraged to indulge in conversations as much as they would in the FnB, the potential for music to play a key role in maintaining a peppy vibe was inevitable. Therefore, the management’s focus was to acquire a sound system that would allow the music experience to be crisp and enjoyable, yet unobtrusive, so that diners could soak in the ambience while enjoying the cocktails, food, and conversations.

Working off of this brief, professional technology service providers Vardhaman Mega Tech (VMT) opted to reinforce the venue with consistent high-quality audio delivery and impressive low frequency fidelity by installing a crafted loudspeaker system that features the use of multiple units of the British Acoustics ‘Delta-18B’ powered subwoofers deployed strategically across the floor space of the venue to offer extended low frequency fidelity, while multiple units of the OSL ‘OS-12’ powered loudspeakers installed at the venue complete the full-range frequency delivery experience.

Alongside, the integration team have also deployed the ‘LiveMix 8FX’ mixer from British Acoustics to control and process the soundscape and help maintain uniform tonal coverage.

Harsha Melanta, Director of By The Way, commends, “the installation was completed before time, thanks to the wonderful support we received from team VMT. Not only are we extremely pleased with the quality of sound, but also the system’s ease of use.”

Vishwajit Shetty, Sales Manager, VMT Central, who worked a key role in the project, added, “Whilst the owners appreciate quality sound, it was great that we have been able to install a high-performance audio system which would do justice the venue.”

Meanwhile, in the neighbouring state of Telangana – Hungrilla Drive-in opened its doors with the promise of being the perfect venue for friends and families to unwind, listen to music or watch high energy cricket matches and other fun sporting events. The has been designed to encompass a wide range of facilities that offer multiple avenues that feature sports like pool / snooker, cricket, football, beach volleyball, badminton; arcade games, dine-in, children’s play area, mini party hall, HD movie screening and much more!

“We believe that offering a high quality sound experience has a powerful impact on the success of any venue and setting the tone from the moment a customer walks in until they pay the bill and head out” states a member of the venue management, affirming that they recognized the need for background music to maintain an upbeat ambience within the general public areas of the property.

With the view to meeting this objective, technology solutions experts AV Planners and Icon Tech Pro were on-boarded to design and deliver an audio solution that would precisely suffice the needs of the venue.

“It was great that we have been able to apply our expertise alongside a strong working relationship with the team at British Acoustics and specify a high-performance audio system which would do justice to this outdoor venue” shares Feroz Ahmed, Director at AV Planners.

Considering the outdoor nature of the project, and its relative proximity to residential and commercial neighbourhoods, it was imperative for the design and install team to come up with a system solution that would offer a clear and good quality sound experience within the venue itself, while ensuring that no sound spills out into any of the neighbouring areas.

With this clear objective in mind, the integration team mounted multiple British Acoustics VA6 weatherized loudspeakers around the perimeter of the venue facing inward towards the centre. Deploying the British Acoustics Q350i amplifiers to power the sound throughout the venue, the team have controlled the volume levels in a manner that allows customers to enjoy the music experience, without it being a hinderance for any of neighbouring properties around the venue.

Naidu, Director, Icon Tech Pro further informs about the capability of the system, stating “The audio system is perfectly adaptable for music as well as live sports screening, whilst reliably and consistently delivering a clear, crisp audio.”

Recognizing the growing impact of British Acoustics as a brand within the Indian market, and the success it has garnered in recent times, Jeff Mandot, National Sales Manager, VMT Enterprise exclaims, “Along with the great sound, British Acoustics is a recognisable brand in pro-audio industry. The feedback we have had from the clients has been all positive.”