(L-R) Marc Remond (VP of Meeting and Learning Experiences, APAC, Barco); Gan Ta Loong (Managing Director, SEA);Olivier Croly (Senior VP, APAC, Barco); Sujith Sivaram (Managing Director, ESCO); Christopher Lim (General Manager, Singapore, ESCO); Amit Palekar (Sr. Vice President, Sales, ESCO)

Barco, a global leader in professional visualisation and networking technology, has announced that it has appointed ESCO, a regional technology provider of audio visual (AV) solutions and video conference systems, as a Barco tier-one regional Gold reseller for the Asia Pacific region.

As more organisations implement hybrid working environments, schedules and policies, there is a greater need to create a more productive and connected experience for the workforce. With this partnership, ESCO gets access to the innovative and leading edge, “One Barco” suite of solutions that enable rapid and connected deployment of digital conferencing, presentation, visualisation and collaboration tools that enable hybrid workplaces as seamless and integrated environments for the employees.

“Organisations and learning institutions have been searching for innovative ways to improve user experience and engagement among employees, partners, educators, students and customers. Today as we embark on what is the new normal, hybrid workplaces and hybrid learning environments will become the cornerstone of the modern organisation. This partnership combines the proven track record of ESCO with Barco to deliver a compelling value proposition to the market,” said Olivier Croly, Senior Vice President for APAC at Barco.

Employees and the hybrid workplace

Driven by the market needs, a recent Barco study revealed that employees want a hybrid workplace model, where despite the time spent in the office, they have the flexibility and freedom to work from home when it suits their needs or their work.

Today as enterprises look to establish a new normal of working post the pandemic, technology is becoming increasingly critical in ensuring the hybrid workplace, learning or presentation environment is truly collaborative, inclusive and flexible. Being able to cater to different learning, collaborative working patterns and needs is being accelerated by the advent of the hybrid and remote working, learning movement.

There is an increased awareness that when collaboration and learning occur effectively and intuitively, it ultimately results in increased productivity and value. Fundamentally, as the user experience is impeded or denied by the lack of in-person physical engagement, learning and collaborative productivity suffers significantly.

Explained Croly, “By deploying next generation collaborative communications technology in the design of the modern workplace, organisations are enhancing the user experience, delivering powerful presentations, meetings and engagements that go beyond the ordinary. Collaborative technology enables users to connect and enjoy the true value of working and learning in teams and groups”.

The One Barco solutions range from visualisation to collaboration tools including wireless presentation applications, LED walls, management control and insights to address the digital conferencing needs of corporate and education customers who are looking to implement hybrid workplace solutions to enable employees to connect seamlessly in their organisations.

While there will always be a need for face-to-face interactions, organisations can manage the balance between on-site meetings and remote participants while planning for contingencies, facilitated by the right technologies.

With ESCO’s expertise and track record in delivering smart workspace technology to businesses, Barco solutions will be available to allow organisations and learning institutions to provide better workplace and learning experience to their employees by leveraging the technology solutions that are simplified and scalable.

Speaking on the collaboration, Sujith Sivaram, Managing Director at ESCO said, “This ESCO Barco partnership is extremely important to us and our customers, to build a resilient supply chain that seeks to fulfill their needs. Barco’s reputation for quality and innovation combined with their sterling reputation in the industry is unparalleled. The One Barco solution suite encompasses a comprehensive range of solutions to address the needs of our clients which is why we are excited to embark on this journey together with Barco.”

As a leading systems integrator in the region, ESCO utilises its vast infrastructure to deliver workplace and collaboration technology solutions, to create experiences for employees and customers interactively and entertainingly.

Barco has been focused on strengthening its presence in the Asia Pacific region as organisations seek to implement meeting and learning solutions that improve collaboration and productivity.