Narendra Naidu, AV-ICN AV Architect of the Year 2022 and Mayank Jani, CEO of MNT Info Vision Pvt Ltd wholeheartedly support CAVS Ahmedabad edition.

CAVS- Certified AV Specialist education course on AV systems, standards and protocols successfully conducted its first two editions at the AV-ICN expo in Mumbai in 2019 and 2022. Narendra Naidu, chairman & managing director at Rhino Engineers Pvt Ltd, renowned for “Statue of Unity” audiovisual, visited the CAVS classroom and studied the curriculum. Naidu proposed to conduct the third edition of CAVS in Ahmedabad.

“CAVS is admirable in offering entrants into the AV industry a primer that gives them basic knowledge. I am committed to education initiatives, and I commend AV-ICN and Anil Chopra for having the vision to create an India-centric curriculum that, indeed is essentially required. Rhino Engineers Pvt Ltd will wholeheartedly support CAVS in Ahmedabad in providing a venue and hospitality and facilitate the full support of the Education Ministry and most importantly, provide an opportunity to Gujarat’s entire AV industry to participate in this unique and purposeful AV education programme,” shared Narendra Naidu.

The third CAVS will take place at the Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA), Ahmedabad, from 1st March, 2023 to 3rd March, 2023.

The CAVS curriculum is fashioned into three days covering Pro Audio on Day 1, Video on Day 2 and Integration Networking on Day 3.

The CAVS has caught the imagination of the intelligentsia of the AV industry. AV industry thought leaders like Narendra Naidu of Rhino Engineers Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading AV & Multimedia Consultancy companies and Mayank Jani – Chief Executive Officer, MNT Info Vision Pvt Ltd. have wholeheartedly supported the CAVS vision and have joined forces with the CAVS management to advance the three-day training to greater levels.

Presiding over the training on Audio on the first day is Narendra Naidu. Facilitated by Jani’s MNT Info Vision Pvt. Ltd., highly knowledgeable professionals – Kairav Adhvaryu – Technical Manager, MNT Info Vision Pvt. Ltd. and Satyanarayana Reddy – Technical Manager India, SAARC, The Siemon Company will preside over the training as master trainers for the second and third day of the three-day training program. Both trainers will share their experiences and give a detailed presentation on video and Integration networking respectively.

CAVS, Ahmedabad has a limited capacity of only 60 participants who will learn the course and appear for the exam on the third day at the end of the course. They will receive the AV Specialist certificate.

“CAVS curriculum and initiative to provide AV education certification to fresh new blood seeking a career in the AV industry was very important for India as AV communication and integration and networking is exploding, and it is very important to attract talent to our industry. I am honoured that Narendra Naidu shares our vision. I do believe CAVS education needs to spread in every AV-centric city in India. Ahmedabad is emerging as an AV-centric city with a fair number of AV companies. CAVS will act as a catalyst to professionalize the AV environment,” says Anil Chopra, Founder of the CAVS training.

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