NovaStar at previous PALM Exhibition

NovaStar is going to attend Palm Expo 2022 on the 26, 27 and 28 of May.
Two NovaStar Booths are available: D45 and G29.

Why visit NovaStar?
It’s time to spot new trends and develop fresh ideas!

1. Latest Products Display
Visiting the Expo is the easiest way to learn about NovaStar’s latest products. Looking at the actual products is always better than YouTube videos or Webinars. NovaStar is going to exhibit some of its most popular and latest products, such as H series, VX600, MX40Pro:

* H series- New innovative all in one splicer with modular design, easy to customize the inputs and outputs for both LED and LCD displays from medium to super large size, easy to configure on different devices via webpage interface, HDR, 3D, high image quality, multiple layers, low latency, etc.

* VX600- New all in one controller is significantly upgraded to 6 LED outputs, cutting-edge input and output interface design, switchable working modes comes with video control mode, fibre converter mode and Bypass mode, stepless output scaling, low latency and so on. It must be a widely used machine which is suitable for medium to high-end fine pitch LED rental applications.

* MX40Pro- New top-level controller with extreme designs and supports new software VMP, which represents a totally new solution for managing high-end applications such as fine-pitch LED installation, studio broadcasting, touring, corporate events, virtual production and E-Sports.

2. Practical Experience
The best part is visitors can try out NovaStar’s products during the Expo. Any confusion or operating problems will be answered and solved right away. It’s time to come and see the real products, operate the new hardware/software, and experience the new technologies, with maximum participation and professional guidance.

3. Getting to Know More About NovaStar
What’s better than face-to-face communication? It’s time to know more about NovaStar while you experience the latest trends. Such as when will be the next NovaStar’s training sessions, webinars and even the upcoming parties. It’s also a good chance to know about NovaStar’s service ranges and tech support for future actions.

Connect with Zachary if you want to arrange a meeting in the booth.