ZeeVee Now Offering Meeting Room In A Box

ZeeVee Inc. has announced the complete starter kit to allow the pain-free installation of an AV over IP solution.

ZeeVee CEO Bob Michaels commented: “The ZyPer4K meeting room starter kit is ideal for first-time organisations looking to deploy an AV over IP solution. There is no need for a two-day training course as the ZyPer4K solution is virtually plug-and-play. What’s more is that a complex control system is not required because the ZyPer MaestroZ interface allows control from any device on the ZyPer network and includes admin rights. Up to three sources can be switched to two screens and expanded up to eight more devices.”

The ZyPer4K meeting room starter kit can be adapted to connect multiple meeting rooms, delivering pixel-for-pixel image quality at any resolution and zero latency.

Bob Michaels added, “Presenters can now focus on their content and not on managing the technology. Regardless of where the content resides on the network, ZeeVee delivers it to the right display simply and easily with no distance limitation.”