WyreStorm Announces Three New Distribution Partners for India

WyreStorm continues to strengthen its position in the India market with the announcement of three new sales partners for the region that include: Imageicon Presentations, Invincy Solutions, and Miyakawa Drives & Controls

A pioneer in business conferencing equipment, Imageicon offer a breadth of complimentary products and access to the key corporate sector which make them a welcome addition to WyreStorm’s authorized resellers.

Invincy is a leading Bengaluru-based IT and multimedia solution provider. Together with their knowledge in multimedia and IT services, the unique value added reseller able to provide hardware, software, programming and content solutions and are an excellent addition to WyreStorm’s sales partners.

Established in 1999, Miyakawa Drives & Controls Private Ltd is well-known importer and distributor of drive and control products both in India and around the world. Miyakawa’s variety of products is backed by extensive warehousing facilities and logistics and is supported by a team of highly experienced and qualified AV professionals that has seen the company earn the trust of customers from around the globe and represents an ideal choice for WyreStorm distribution in the region.

On the addition of WyreStorm’s Indian distribution partners, the company’s India/SAARC Sales Manager, Rohan Tadke, sees their sales partners as a key factor in the expansion and future success of the brand in the region.

“In Miyakawa, Invincy and Imageicon, we have very sales strong partners with a deep understanding of technology and complimenting product ranges to offer to the integrator. They are similarly knowledgeable of their market and understand instinctively what is important for Indian dealers. Budget is important the world over, but perhaps even more so here, where installers place a high importance on flexible, reliable solutions that are aggressively priced and delivered on time for projects.”