WHITEPAPER: Workplace-As-A-Service

Deploying an All-in-One Office Solution Can Transform Your Organization

Growing mid-size organizations know that opening a new office or upgrading existing technology infrastructure can be costly, complex, and time consuming.
Most companies don’t have the necessary budget, or they choose to prioritize investment in core business technology. Yet, to compete and grow, mid-size businesses must give their employees the tools they need when they need them, both reliably and securely.

A truly seamless experience can be achieved through a complete “workplace-as-a-service”: a full suite of communications, data, and connectivity solutions that makes it easy and cost effective to get all your employees quickly up and running.

Companies get a complete infrastructure, communications, and productivity deployment, including all the necessary networking, connectivity, and applications. The result: fixed monthly costs, improved performance, flexibility, scalability, reliability, security, and simplified management that allows them to focus on investing in and growing their business.

In this paper by Frost & Sullivan, let’s look at:

  • How the modern workplace is changing
  • Frost & Sullivan’s key research related to “workplace as a service”
  • New technology to support the modern workplace
  • How deploying an all-in-one office solution can help transform your organization