WHITEPAPER: Revolutionising Content Delivery


How to revolutionise content delivery detailed in new white paper.

Cabletime has released a new white paper on content delivery. Titled ‘Revolutionising Content Delivery – How to specify and design an IPTV, streaming and signage system’, the white paper is now available for download via Cabletime’s website.

An invaluable guide for users, integrators and consultants, the whitepaper supports the entire decision making process and objectively explains how to maximise return on investment with good planning and eliminate the risk of problems.

Topics include the convergence of IPTV and digital signage, the impact of 4K and multicast, the suitability of the network, the value of IGMP, an overview of the component technology and importantly how to choose an integration partner.

To request a copy of the whitepaper, visit: