WEB XCLUSIVE: 5 Mins With Dell

With the next era of computing presenting more natural ways to seamlessly leverage the vast amount of data in the cloud and dramatically improving the way we operate and interact with devices such as PCs, tablets and smartphones, one of the resulting technologies that will revolutionise the way we interact with devices is virtual reality (VR).

As this technology develops, we are seeing the onset of multiple players providing different areas of expertise to deliver VR experiences.

Enter Dell Precision Workstations – a line of computers intended for professionals with even the most demanding computing needs like CAD, CG animation or visual animation.

SI Asia’s Shireen Ho spoke with Molly Connolly, Marketing Director, WW Solutions Marketing, Dell and Patrick Hannan, WW Industry Strategist, Media and Entertainment, Dell, to learn more about Dell’s thoughts on VR technology. Excerpts:

SI Asia: Can you tell us a little bit more about the Dell Precision Workstations?

MOLLY: Equipped with Intel chipsets, Dell Precision Workstations features MVMI ultra drives that allow access to media four times faster than the typical commercial PCs. Dell Precision Workstations are robustly built and well-balanced. This is especially important for people creating VR content, who often have to wear the VR headset to test what they’re building. So, our approach for VR-ready workstations is to be very specific with the chipsets and graphics. Currently, we are offering it with our 5810 and 7910 towers.

SI Asia: What’s in it for SIs to promote VR?

MOLLY: What’s beautiful is that the use cases for VR are as broad as the mind can think. On the one end we have creators who are developing content, meanwhile the applications for consuming and using this content continues to grow and include industries like healthcare, defense, manufacturing and more.

For integrators, specifically, VR offers new solutions across verticals therefore creating an explosion of opportunity.

SI Asia: Do SIs need any particular expertise to install Dell solutions?

MOLLY: No, they don’t. However, SIs need to be aware of industry nuances in Dell Precision Workstation use cases such as education, healthcare and manufacturing. It is important to work together with independent software vendors such as Adobe, Avid, Autodesk, etc., to customize their offering.

SI Asia: In your opinion, what is the market outlook for VR in Asia?

MOLLY: I see this market growing. VR is the shiny new object that you spot at every tech show today, allowing all different types of people to experience VR. Once people experience VR, they begin to grasp to possibilities that VR has to impact the world around them. This real world application of VR technology – and Dell Precision’s role in fostering and propelling it – is important for SIs as they spread it to other channels and resellers.

PATRICK: I see VR flourishing in Asia both in consumer and commercial application, particularly given the rapid adoption of technology in the region. And for SIs, there is an opportunity to further educate clients about the critical role that VR will continue to play in their industries and offering the best technology solutions available, like Dell Precision Workstations.