(L-R), Kwok, Raymond Wong of WyreStorm and C.Y.Wong

Hong Kong-based distributor VSI Limited has set up an Experience Centre at the KITEC building in Kowloon Bay.

The Experience Centre focuses explicitly on control room technologies – a segment that VSI has specific interest in.

C.Y. Wong, Director, VSI Ltd, commented, “With the experience centre we can showcase the entire signal chain for control rooms from the display to signal processing and distribution technologies, as well as ergonomic furniture and fixtures . The intention is to enable our potential customers to understand the integration process better and the technologies implemented.”

The Experience Centre showcases different types of display from a LED wall to a DLP rear-projection Video Wall, to LCD options.

Being the sole distributor for VTRON, the main emphasis is on the various solutions offered by VTRON such as its KVM solution, VIS Software, processing platform and display technologies.

VIS3.0 is an intuitive visualisation dispatching and collaboration network-based platform. It enables distribution, interaction, management, and operations of visualised information, by enabling video, audio, data, and other types of information to be visualised and collaborated on and among display walls, PCs, tablets, and other devices,” added Mr Wong.

“For complex control room systems, VIS3.0 helps users simplify operations and improve efficiency by providing methods and tools to streamline the control of multiple devices.”

Also, having been appointed earlier in the year as the WyreStorm distributor for several countries in Asia, the Experience Centre allows VIS to demonstrate the effectiveness of Wyrestorm solutions connectivity. WyreStorm is a leading manufacturer of award-winning 4K and full HD AV signal distribution and control solutions for Pro AV/commercial, residential/custom install and retail markets.

“WyreStorm solutions offer ease of installation and reliability while ensuring exceptional performance and functionality,” said C.Y.

Kwok, Business Manager, informed SI Asia that the location of the Experience Centre is fundamental as it is close to government technology decision making bodies. “It is easier for government officials to visit the Experience Centre due to its proximity to their offices.”