Located in Tainan, the Tainan District Court was established in 1991 during the Japanese Occupation period. Since then, the court has moved to a new facility in October 2000. With budget planning planned out annually to ensure the maintenance of the court is met, the court recently decided to upgrade their existing conferencing system.

The Tainan Court
The Tainan District Court in Tainan, Taiwan.

The BXB’s conference system is installed in the meeting room at the 10th floor and the control room at the 11th floor. Since the original system is old and inadequate for current use, the district court wanted to replace it with a newer system.

The client’s key brief include:

  1. Dismantle the old equipments and line pipes to construct a brand new conference system.
  2. New system must be compatible with the original acoustic equipment and the sound quality should be loud and clear. No sound feedback and noise can be allowed.
  3. Equipped with back-up mechanism: When one microphone is broken, others can still be operated. When one circuit of microphone is damaged, another circuit can still be used for connection.
  4. When a microphone is being used, surrounded 3G, 4G signal or talking to the microphone with the distance within 5cm would not affect the microphone or produce any interference and noise.
  5. The new system should be built in image-tracking interface to integrate with conference camera in the future.


To answer all their needs, the court turned to BXB’s FCS-6300 conference system. The system is chosen because:

    • The maximum quantity of connected microphone is 1009 (including 10 sets of chairman unit and 999 sets of delegate unit).
    • It is equipped with many operation modes (chairman/override/FIFO/ push-to-talk/voice activation/auto-off).
    • There is an LCD display on the CU with Chinese and English languages, which can clearly show the recent conference status.
    • Moreover, FCS-6350 is built in with TCP/IP protocol that you can use computer and mobile devices via wired or wireless signal to connect with the system.
    • BXB also has web browser interface for the setting and adjustment of conference modes and assigning any delegates talking.
    • The RS-485 terminal can also be used for speed-dome camera to achieve speaker’s image-tracking.
    • To keep the system working appropriately during the meeting, FCS-6350 has back-up mechanism-ring connection.

When one microphone is broken or a circuit is damaged, you can just take it away. No circuit-replacement or PASS signal should be operated, but the system can still keep other microphones working normally, which helps maintain a conference’s smoothness.

The project used a mix of UFO-6311 table-top chairman and UFO-6312 delegate units. With over 20 different color combination to suit different interior design and table colors, each microphone unit is equipped with DSP chip, AGC, and sensitivity-adjustment. When a microphone is being used, surrounding 3G, 4G signal or talking to the microphone with the distance within 5cm would not produce any interference and noise. The quality of meeting smoothness was assured.