tvONE will be unveiling several new products at the Integrated Systems Europe 2017, including a more compact CORIOmaster, an HDBaseT input module and a video encoder.

The CORIOmaster micro will be able to deliver the same bandwidth and functionality of the CORIOmaster, with its more compact form capable of accepting up to three modules. Additionally, the CORIOmaster will be able to add audio support as well as front panel buttons for source routing and pre-set calling, and is touted as the ideal solution for 4-screen 2×2 video walls or small multiviewer applications that don’t need a full-sized CORIOmaster.

The CORIOmaster can fit on a ONErack, which is being enhanced through the addition of an optional dual redundant power supply, which is hot swappable and adds surge protection, DC power conditioning and load-sharing to the ONErack.

The new tvONE CORIOmaster streaming media and 4K playback module is compatible with the CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro, and will allow digital video from the cloud or internet to blend with local media and AV connections and be presented on a video wall in any configuration.

The Magenta Encoder-100 is a single channel video encoder that is capable of resolutions up to 1920×1200. Compatible with the CORIOmaster streaming media and 4K playback module, the encoder allows seamless streaming of traditional AV signals to video walls. Video streams may also be streamed before distribution to reduce bandwidth consumption.

The 4K HDBaseT dual inpul module allows for the input of uncompressed video and audio from standalone transmitters located up to 150m away. Compatible with the CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini and CORIOmaster micro, the module also allows for Ethernet access from distant transmitters. The module can be used with transmitters that support HDBaseT, HDBaseT-Lite and HDBaseT-Extended mode.

tvONE will be located at stand 5-S60.