Now touring the world, the Real Madrid World of Football Experience is a new, state-of-the- art, digital and physical interactive soccer (football) experience designed for all ages.


The curtain raiser for the whole experience, an immersive video wall, was created for event managers Interp on BrightSign players by system integrators Amped Digital. Content was created by Tania Price of Immersiv. BrightSign players also drive interactive information kiosks throughout the experience.

Real Madrid World of Football Experience
Blending physical interactive experiences with spectacular audio-visual displays and playable gaming technologies, the Real Madrid World of Football Experience transports visitors into an interactive world of football.

In its four zones, visitors can go behind the scenes to discover the culture, passion, players and epic victories that make Real Madrid C.F. the football Club of the Century. Real Madrid C.F.’s remarkable 13 UEFA Champions League Cups, the FIFA Club of the Century trophy, and the most treasured Ballon d’Or and Golden Boot trophies will all be on display together for the first time ever outside Madrid.

Starting in Melbourne, the Experience will travel around the world during the next five years visiting 15 cities and connecting with the club’s fan base, estimated at 140 million worldwide.

An AV Explosion
As visitors enter the massive 50m x 30m touring pavilion created by Interp, they are wowed by 2 18-screen video walls powered by BrightSign players programmed by Amped, associated with a wall of sound.

Creating video walls on this scale is a challenge in itself – but most walls of this size are built just once.

The World of Football Experiencewill be dismantled and reassembledat least fifteen times around the world without the original designers being present. The video wall has to work flawlessly out of its’ packing cases each time.

Matt Steedman, Director of Amped Digital said, “We created an AV explosion: a spectacular
immersive audio video experience that gets visitors excited and sets the expectation for
what’s to follow. Even for an AV-pro like myself, the final effect is dizzying: a combination of 36 large screens delivering content in perfect synchronization all accompanied by a wall of sound makes a deep impression.”

Technical challenges
The entrance consists of 2 video walls each with 18 x 49” HD panels. Dylan Daniel
Holtzhausen Operations Manager of Amped Digital continued, “Real Madrid’s players are
famous for their passing, which involves flawless timing. Creating the video wall at the
entrance to World of Football required even greater timing precision – you can think of it as video being passed with complete accuracy around the 12 BrightSign players.”

“We used BrightSign players for this project because of the ease and exactitude with which they can be synchronised as well as for their durability and reliability. We don’t believe we could have achieved this performance using anything else.”

The visitor’s field of view encompasses several screens so synchronisation has to be frame accurate across each display in both walls. A discrepancy of a single frame or even half a frame would ruin the effect. Amped used 12 XT243 players for the wall, each driving 2 or 4 screens. They are all networked together and one is designated the master. All the
players take their timing from this master, starting the playback of each of the 8 video
segments at precisely the same moment.”

Amped carefully colour coded and labelled the cables to simplify reinstallation as the World of Football travels around the world. To minimise the cabling required, Amped powered the players from the network switch using Power over Ethernet.

Information kiosks
A further 8 BrightSign XD1033 players were used to implement 8 x 40” HD interactive information terminals located in the four zones that form the Experience. The players are connected to the screens through USB and control navigation and the playback of the selected content. Amped created the entire navigation structure in BrightAuthor.