It was one of those rare occasions that witnessed an exclusive gathering of what is fondly referred to as the nAVigators. For, they navigate diverse functions of what conventional women do as they deliver their professional responsibilities in their chosen domain – the audio-visual industry – with the same acumen and precision.

It was the occasion that had the likes of Mahua Mukhopadhyay, Prabha Lakshmi, Shobha K Nair, Ritwika, Usha Mangalgi, Ayesha Villait, and the ilk, besides Soumya Siddappaji – all women from Indian audio-visual industry and members of AVIXA Women’s Council (AWC), – coming together to celebrate a cause.

Yes, it was the occasion of International Women’s Day, organized by AWC India, in Bangalore on 8 March. The programme, though pretty informal, saw female professionals from as many as 15 AV companies participating in the day’s event with enthusiasm and passion.

The event started off with a Welcome Address by O2K Technology Services Sales Director Prabha Lakshmi who is also Core Committee Member of AWC India. The Welcome Address, while appreciating the perseverance competence of women delivering diverse duties on par with their professional pursuits, exhorted the participants to realize their inner strengths and put them to better use towards excelling in their endeavours.

Mahua Mukhopadhyay, Director of AVID India, and Senior Core Coordinator of AWC India, giving a brief presentation on ‘Quick Start to the AV Industry’ explained some basic AV courses offered online free of cost to AWC members. That the courses outline various aspects from knowing the industry to identifying and choosing prospective career lines, it is highly beneficial for the AWC members to better their professional standing, she explained.
According to her, AVIXA’s free and paid AV courses with ANSI-accredited certifications under ISO/ISE 17024 designed for beginners to experienced professionals and available online and in-classroom sessions demonstrate a well chartered career path in the field of AV.

“The increasing number of AVIXA Women’s Council members and their continued enthusiasm showed that when women put their heads together, powerful things happen,” said Mahua Mukhopadhyay. “We are glad that our initiatives are taken well by the AWC community.”

The highlight of the event, however, was a ‘Special Address’ session on ‘Smart Shopping’ by Image Vitamins CEO Ayesha Villait who has flown in from Mumbai for the session. The session dealt in detail with the attire that women in AV can plan for various aspects of their professional and private occasions.

“Celebrating Womenhood’ was the primary agenda of the event,” said Prabha, “and, they did it with enthusiasm. The two-hour orientation on the subject was aimed at emphasizing the importance of creating the best of ‘first impressions.’ The event surely marked AV industry’s commitment to ‘equal opportunity’.

“Everyone thinks AV is too technical and strenuous for the fairer sex,” she said, “however, the AWC seeks to prove women can handle most if not all the tasks handled by men in the industry.”

Says Shobha Nair of Extron: “It was a great event, and made every woman feel special; this is one big deal for all the women in our industry. We hope it opens for more such opportunities of energy and enthusiasm to inspire more women.

“That the event had participation from as many as 15 AV companies only strengthened the resolve and commitment that AV remains the first career option for these passionate individuals,” summarized Mahua.

The event had been chalked out by Soumya Siddappaji, the AWC’s APAC Coordinator in conjunction with senior AVIXA members from the region.