Systems Integration Asia and WORLD SHOW to Collaborate


Systems Integration Asia magazine, published by Spinworkz Pte Ltd and based in Singapore is pleased to announce its collaboration with WORLD SHOW, which is a publication based in China.


From July 2019, WORLD SHOW will carry within its pages a segment relating to Systems Integration. Editorials for the section will be provided by Systems Integration Asia magazine supplemented with articles from WORLD SHOW.


“Not many may know, but when InfoComm shows were first introduced in China, we were the media involved in producing the official Show Directory because at that time there were no magazines in China related to the AV Industry,” said Thomas Prakasam, Publisher, Spinworkz Pte Ltd.

“We are pleased and excited that after operating for 18 years in the region, we have found a partner that we are comfortable and confident with to collaborate and target the AV industry in China more effectively. I have known the publisher of WORLD SHOW, Taike Fu, for many years and I am pleased that we were both able to align our objectives and vision clearly when we met at GET SHOW this year.”

“WORLD SHOW is an established magazine in China with a circulation of about 20,000 readers. Their content touches on Technology, Design, Backstage coverage and Features targeted at the industry. WORLD SHOW participates in all the major shows in China related to the sound, light and visual industries as well as in international exhibitions, and we believe this collaboration will enhance both our offerings.”

“Though there are AV magazines now published and produced in China, we aim to offer an international perspective mixed with local content for the AV Market, through this collaboration. We hope to add value with our content to the industry in China. More importantly this collaboration now offers brands an additional platform to get their message across to the burgeoning AV market in China” added Thomas.

“As Thomas said, we have known each other for many years. Thomas is an ambitious and decent man, and it is a real pleasure to cooperate with him. And we have a consensus that the combination of the two publications will be powerful. However, till now, we have not been able to find the right way to cooperate.” said Fu Hongli, Publisher, WORLD SHOW.

“We have a strong presence in the professional Entertainment segment, which has been increasing in China in recent years. However, the line is blurring between the entertainment sectors and other sectors such as education, government, hospitality and corporate as technologies and system integrators transverse between the various segments. Systems Integration Asia is dedicated to the AV industry and key vertical market end-users in Asia and has been serving the AV industry in Asia for 18 years. Quality cases and in-depth technical perspectives from Systems Integration Asia are what we are searching for, for our readers in China.”

“There is no doubt that the collaboration of Systems Integration Asia and WORLD SHOW will establish a complementary platform for resources, and enhance our brand image. Over the years, we have shared common ideas, directions and goals. Now we have an opportunity to let our ideas become a reality. I believe that this is a fresh start for Systems Integration Asia and WORLD SHOW, and I look forward to this new collaboration,” added Mr Fu.

Both the publications are also exploring other ideas to add further value and penetrate the market in China, that they hope to announce to the market soon.