Surat Smart City Centre is an initiative of Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) which will enable the operators to monitor all the activities in the city on a single screen. Surat is one of the first 20 cities selected under the smart city programme initiated by the Indian government and this centre will expectedly change the working pattern of the Surat Municipal Corporation.
Delta Displays, in collaboration with channel partner Alpha Digital, delivered an advanced video wall solution for India’s 1st Smart City Centre in Surat, Gujarat, to monitor over 30 different operations for city management.

A reliable and fully redundant display solution is extremely vital for the effective operation of a Smart City Centre. Delta with expertise in display solutions, installed its 4×4 LED-lit 70” DLP® Video Walls for this strategic centre.

With the help of Delta’s Video Wall and Video Wall Controller, data feeds from various sources including transport, city planning, water supply, property tax, disease surveillance, CCTV, health, GIS, traffic signals, illegal constructions, and others, can be monitored by control room operators.

The sharp image quality of Delta’s Full HD Video Walls gives operators a high level of attention to detail.

The 20-feet wide screen comprising of 16 Delta 70” DLP® Video Walls helped keep an eye on different development projects of Surat city and monitor the activities of various departments of SMC. This centre is also linked with the Safe City Surat Project of the Surat police department that also has Delta’s Video Walls installed in the control room.

“At the smart city centre, monitoring of different services, like night brushing, cleaning of roads, garbage collection and disposal, road repairing, health services and illegal constructions, can be done on Delta’s Video Wall solutions,” said the SMC deputy commissioner.

“The SMC surveillance system would be strengthened further as the feed from the police camera network would be available at Smart City Centre. These centres will help us to serve citizens in an effective manner.”

Mr. Saurabh Patel, Finance Minister of Gujarat, inaugurated the newly built Smart City Centre at the Surat Municipal Corporation head office on 25th June 2016, marking the first anniversary of the launch of the Smart City Mission.