SpinetiX has released an end-to-end visual communication solution called SpinetiX ARYA, aimed for entrepreneurs and designed to re-imagine the way small and medium-sized businesses engage with their customers and employees.

Today, with the acceleration of digital transformation, small and medium-sized businesses express the need to use digital signage as a way to engage customers in an interactive, visually appealing and interconnected way.

Digital Signage tailored to small and midsize customers
Digital signage, once only within the reach of large enterprises, has rapidly developed into an accessible technology. Today, customers want simple solutions that can function autonomously without the need for constant updates and investment. However, communicating information about products, services, and solutions through a high-quality, secure, and manageable digital signage solution that truly supports business objectives can be challenging and expensive.

SpinetiX ARYA’s unique value proposition
SpinetiX ARYA is an easy-to-use affordable visual communication solution that combines professional grade cloud- and hardware-based technologies.

Entrepreneurs can quickly set up spectacularly visual experiences from their devices and deliver the content in a highly secure way to any screen, any size and orientation.

“SpinetiX ARYA crystalizes over a decade of expertise serving the most demanding requirements from the business, defense, and public sectors. We designed a modern cloud-based solution tailored to entrepreneurs which combines an intuitive, fun and easy-to-use application with maximum security, robustness, and reliability. This very combination makes us unique on the market,” said Francesco Ziliani, CEO of SpinetiX.

Typical use cases where SpinetiX ARYA shines:

  • Showroom screens such as those used in retail stores to promote products and services.
  • Welcome screens such as those used in the lobbies at hotels, restaurants, and bars and in the waiting rooms at doctors, dentists and law firms.
  • Entertainment screens such as those you find in lounges, cafeterias, break or employee rooms at both SMBs and hotels.

SpinetiX ARYA features a guided user experience and enables easy creation of stunning visual content with your personalized colour code and logo, as well as the images and videos that are readily available on your devices.

The solution comes with a free tier service, enabling the user to gain hands-on experience with the cloud application including a set of 9 templates with beautiful animations and transitions. In addition, users can set different contents on any number of screens and have access to a live help chat to get guidance and provide their feedback.

Security as a top priority
Optimal reliability, service availability, and data protection have been at the core of all solutions designed by SpinetiX. This new cloud-based solution relies on the most advanced security protocols. SpinetiX ARYA features GDPR-compliance reinforced with the best-in-class AWS BSI C5 certification.

To offer automatic and secure firmware updates, ARYA is also certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 helping to ensure shared information assets are secure. With SpinetiX ARYA, digital signage is well aligned to the needs expressed by entrepreneurs and can serve a more business-critical role for end users.