Sony Delivers Crystal LED Display System to NTT DOCOMO

Sony Business Solutions Corporation has delivered the scalable Crystal LED display system, to NTT DOCOMO, INC. The system provides stunning picture quality and a new type of video experience, with ultrafine LED technology developed by Sony.


Amazed with its unprecedented picture quality and the immersive viewing experience, NTT DOCOMO decided to install the Crystal LED display system when refurbishing its showroom. The key reasons for the system’s adoption is its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability, the reproduction of smooth images with a maximum rate of 120 frames per second, and the flexibility to support ultra-real contents of higher resolution.

The Crystal LED display system delivered to NTT DOCOMO this time is the world’s first display system that comprises 216 units of ZRD-1 in a curved shape. By installing each display unit in a certain angle, it results in a display that is 14.5 m in width and 2.7 m in length as well as curved at 108 degrees.


The curvature of the display provides a hyper-realistic viewing experience for the audience with immersive visuals that covers the view of the audience. Further, low latency and high-resolution live streaming is possible with 5G transmission, the next generation mobile communication system that is creating momentum towards realization in 2020.

Sony Business Solutions, in its efforts to promote the technology, is participating in the “DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program”, an initiative to create a new 5G service provided by NTT DOCOMO, and materializing various collaborations as well.