Abhijit of Silicon-Man of the Match AVCL-IV Final

Audio-Visual Cricket League (AVCL) – so futuristically ideated and launched by two of Indian AV’s most prominent names Naveen Sridhara and Bharath Kumar Allur – is apparently scaling new stakes.


By every turn of the year and event, it’s been showing up with something anew and raising value proposition of its trusted commitment- ‘Sustainability and Social Responsibility through Sport.’

The Welcome signboard at the Central College Grounds gave the first hint of a new look that the event was to bear and present even as the participating teams descended on the venue at 6.00 am on the chilly but shimmering morning of 7 December 2019.

A digital billboard of a new Chota Bhim duo – sporting cricketing garbs and gear – seemed to set the tone for the ensuing excitement called the AVCL that ranted the air and reflected all over the place, reflected by the boundary flags  f the three pitches.

“It’s AVCL, the brand of its own,” Naveen Sreedhara was overheard saying to an enthusiastic visitor who – perhaps – wanted to do one for their own. “No where you will find the brands beyerdynamic or Kramer; this is no company brand building,” said Naveen. “This is the event’s brand in itself- the industry sporting entertainment event.”

Presence of over 400 audiences at about 8.00 am or so showed and said it all about the event that – for one – had a rejuvenating combination of pretty and gritty faces. “Gritty faces competed well on the field while pretty faces cheered it all from outside the field; AVCL is certainly getting better and better by the year.”

Indeed it did. Consider this:
• It had, for the first time, an eminent professional cricket journalist Vedam Jaishankar as its Chief Guest for the Prize Distribution Ceremony
• All the matches had the Man of the Match Award presentations
• It had the fresh and young blood in the form of two new teams- VIS and Silicon. Interestingly, both had an entry to the event due to sudden dropping out of two originally registered teams. From being ‘stand-by’ teams, they came up to the semi-finals, beating the seemingly indomitable favourites, and one of them emerged Champs outright.
• The grit and competitive spirit displayed by these teams won the hearts of the AVians all around, as they went turning in one sterling performance after the other
• In the process, they wiped up the supposedly ‘routine last four story’ and presented new story-tellers to reckon

AVCL-IV Winners Team Silicon

VIS demolished strong contenders Sigma AVIT on their way to the semi-finals; put up a very nervy performance against the formidable Ample Technologies, but lost out to a sterling performance of one Kiran-duo of Ample. One Kiran proved too much for the batsman with his searing pace while the other Kiran – a very unassuming medium pacer – pierced and punctured the opposition batting competence with four wickets in four consecutive balls in one over.

On the other hand, Silicon riding on the heroics of two Siliconians stunned every one. One Vinod – in quite a Kapilesque batsmanship – clobbered five sixes in one over, sealing the match for the team, while the other Abhijit did a Jonty Rhodesque catching wonder and followed it up by a Miandadesque last-ball six performance, winning the title for his team.

So, the AVCL-IV had all the thrills of a professional cricket, particularly the last four where AVians proved they are no less performers on a sporting field, if not as good entertainers as those in professional circuit.

Vedam presenting AVCL-IV Winners Trophy to Team Silicon Captain

Vedam Jaishankar – who presented the Winners trophy to Team Silicon, besides the Man of the Match Award for the final – lauded the sporting skills of the AVians, and more than that appreciated the whole concept of AVCL, its promoters and its committed pursuance. He did bring up an anecdote or two about the importance of the Central College Cricket Ground in the sporting annals of Karnataka State.

Kaushik Mukhopadhyay of IAV presented the Runners trophy to Ample Technologies while Mahesh Ballad of Online Instruments presented the Man of the Series Award. Shivanand Mahashetti of Online did the honours for Best Bowler Award while Shyam Shankar of IdeasAhead presented the ‘Best Batsman Award.’

Vedam Jaishankar being feliciated by Bharath & Naveen

Naveen Sreedhara and Bharat Kumar felicitated the Chief Guest of the Evening Vedam Jaishankar along with the other Guests of Honour, and also Kiran Krishnan of Events Unlimited for managing the AVCL-IV so admirably.

The commentary flavours of Vijay, the Emcee, and the glamours ‘n’ glitters of the galleries were, of course, an embellishment to relish for long.

The AVCL-IV, therefore, ended as the best of the four, and promised for more entertainers for the ensuing editions.