Shyamindira to Represent Spinworkz Interest and Beyond in India

In a significant development with particular relevance to the Indian AV industry, Spinworkz Pte Ltd – publishers of Systems Integration Asia, Entertainment Technology Asia magazines and organisers of the Systems Integration India Awards – has decided to work with Shyamindira Media Networks Pvt. Ltd., a new media enterprise aimed at furthering better services in the Indian market.

Heading Shyamindira Media Networks is none other than Ram Bhavanashi, who is the Spinworkz Editor for India and Middle East titles, and a familiar name in the industry.

Even while holding his Spinworkz appointment title, Ram – in his new role as Director of
Shyamindira – will essentially help co-organise the prestigious Systems Integration India
Awards and create an India-centric e-Newsletter to begin with.

The new Shyamindira initiative, however, seeks to expand, as it grows, to help organise
niche events, and allied activities within the country.

“I have worked with Ram for over seven years; he is a hardworking and trusted individual,”
said Thomas Prakasam, Managing Director of Spinworkz Pte Ltd, making the announcement.

“Spinworkz was the first company to have a full time editor in India in relation to a regional
magazine for the AV industry. Ram’s appointment paid rich dividends; he has built strong
contacts over the years,” he said.

“Shyamindira is Ram’s concern and the establishment of the company is to help grow further inroads within and outside the AV industry and allow for a stronger foothold. I am confident that Ram will do an excellent job.”

“It’s been a privilege working with Thomas, and Spinworkz; now it’s more prideful,” Ram
commented on the development. “SIIA heralded a new dynamic in Indian AV; taking it further is so much energy. We hope to bring multiple value-adds to the potentially big
Indian AV market through this dedicated initiative.”

Shyamindira is operational immediately. Ram is contactable on his current mobile and
email, as also at: