S.KOREA: Iksan Church Counts On NEXT-proaudio

Iksan is located in Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, about 200km far from Seoul to the southwest, and the historical place of Baekje dynasty.
Started as a small gathering in 1975, the Iksan church pioneer members consisted of only 17 devotees from five families who got together to worship. Fast forward to present day, Iksan church has grown exponentially over the years and its main sanctuary now caters for around 2,000 worshippers.

LAM112x Monitor_DXODuring the church’s main sanctuary renovation, AVIX, the Korean distributor for NEXT-proaudio, helped installed a NEXT-proaudio sound system. The main objective of the renovation was to achieve high sound pressure levels with high sound fidelity and good speech intelligibility throughout the venue.The newly installed sound system comprises eight NEXT LA122 line array speakers, with four LA122W line array speakers flown below LA122 for downfill for the main hang on the left and right side over the stage.

Two NEXT X12 full-range speakers were used as front fill and four NEXT X8 under balcony. Two NEXT LAm112x were placed as stage monitor speakers and two HFA108 as control room monitors.

All the system is powered by four NEXT MQ10000 amplifiers for the main speakers, front fill and under balconies X8 with two NEXT DP260 digital signal processors. One NEXT MA3200 amplifier is being used to power the two stage monitor speakers.

To give it a customised touch, the church has also requested the whole system to be painted in Ivory color to match its design.