A world of crafted cuisines, mystic concoctions, hand-crafted menus, delightfully cooked dishes and an enchanting ambience is what’s on offer at Mumbai’s latest novel fine-dine destination Talli Turmeric.

The always-swanky Atria Mall is now home to Talli Turmeric – south Mumbai’s newest restaurant, which takes its inspiration from Turmeric – the quintessential spice in the heart of our kitchens.

The food menu is a mix of south and north Indian preparations centred on turmeric featuring classics like Mangalorean Kozhi Ghee Roast, Galouti Kebab, Oorgai Idli Vithkal, Rajasthani Laal Maas, Goan Fish Curry and more. The beverages on the other hand, feature classic cocktails along with their signatures that come with an Indian twist like Tequila infused with Kokum, Imli Sour, Iced Talli Latte (which comes with a turmeric latte) to name a few.

The turmeric theme extends to the venue’s appearance as well, with a lush dining space that sports a warm and soothing colour scheme. The venue’s undoubted visual highlight – a brightly lit 50 foot long bar – features a rich yellow travertine stone top that lends sophistication to the turmeric theme.

Alongside that the entry walls, the kitchen wall and the washroom area feature artworks that draw upon Indian motifs, while the entire sofa wall features a mix of traditional paisley motifs and contemporary chevron patterns.

Even the DJ backdrop on another end sports a layered wooden panelling with intricate Indian scenery etched on it.

Enchanting as the visual appeal of Talli Turmeric may be, one simply cannot overlook the fact that the venue features a sound and music experience that’s an absolute treat to the ears.

As a senior member of the venue’s management shared, “Talli Turmeric by its very name embodies the beating heart of India represented through a brilliant explosion of taste, flavour, aroma, colour and sound. The robustness of Turmeric has been translated into the design of the space as well as its overall ambience.”

“The spell-binding ambience at Talli Turmeric has a lot to owe to the wonderful quality music that we play here – and full marks go to the Rivera International team for equipping our venue with an absolutely amazing sound system and AV system. We couldn’t be more thrilled!”

To ably host the wide range of music that keeps patrons entertained at Talli Turmeric, the venue has adopted a state-of-the-art world-class pro audio architecture that has been designed and integrated by reputed audio solutions expert – Rivera International.

Following a detailed analysis of the venue in terms of its structural and acoustical nuances, the team meticulously devised a precise loudspeaker scheme from reputed audio brand NOVA.

The system comprises multiple numbers of the VISIO VS12 loudspeakers, VS8 loudspeakers, and iC 12 A loudspeakers distributed evenly across the entire venue including the main dining space, flanks and common areas to ensure unparalleled coverage of crystal-clear audio playback.

The low frequency fidelity at the venue is experienced through the powerful and impact heavy VISIO VS18 subwoofers. The entire loudspeaker setup is powered through a fortified amplification system comprising the ever -powerful R series and TA series power amplifiers from reputed pro audio brand ToneArt, while a single unit of the multi-faceted the Jupiter8 DSP from Symterix capably sorts the loudspeaker management and processing responsibilities.

The DJ station too has been spruced with the inclusion of industry leading gear from niche brand Reloop in the form of RMP 4 controller units RMX60 DJ mixers gracing the decks.

Additionally, the Rivera International team have also integrated the captivating AV system at Talli Turmeric which comprises the use of a large-scale motorized tab-tension screen along with an adept and high-performance projector from BenQ.

Rajesh Sadarangani of Rivera International shares his thoughts saying, “Talli Turmeric is so elegant and beautiful yet so refreshing and enchanting as a venue, and it is an absolute honour and privilege for us to have had the opportunity to be a part of this magnificent project.”

“Sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire management at Talli Turmeric for investing their faith in our team and our work. It is great to know that the management are pleased with the quality and performance of the systems that our team have integrated at Talli Turmeric – we are proud to deliver a world-class audio and AV solution to a truly world-class dining destination like Talli Turmeric.”