RGB Spectrum Introduces Networked Video Distribution And Management System


RGB Spectrum’s new Zio technology offers video and audio distribution over an IP network, replacing traditional dedicated switchers. Zio endpoints attach to a 1Gig Ethernet switch, with encoders accepting computer and video signals at resolutions up to 4K, and decoders for feeding displays. The Zio system offers seamless switching over the IP network infrastructure. Both dedicated and shared networks are supported.

Zio’s transport technologies and unique peer-to-peer architecture addresses challenges such as time-sensitive and time-ordered video streams, with exceptional user control and performance management. A distributed management platform avoids costly server architectures and “single point of failure” vulnerability.


Zio offers:

  • Scalability: the Zio architecture supports systems in size from a handful of devices to very large configurations and as requirements grow, additional endpoints are easily added.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Zio offers a choice of endpoints supporting 2K or 4K resolution with Decoders ranging from single signal display to multi-signal decoders, thus offering integrators to design the system according to budget and technical requirements.
    Seamless Switching: Sources and displays up to 4K resolution are supported, with scaling and artefact-free video with instantaneous switching.
  • Gateways: For sharing video between domains, Zio produces multiple independent streams of differing compression parameters, allowing a signal to be optimised to meet the stringent bandwidth, frame delay and jitter challenges of WAN links while keeping the highest quality in its original domain.
  • Flexible Compression: Choice of standards-based compression method and parameters allow optimisation for the needs of any environment.
  • Reliability: For applications that require the highest levels of reliability, there are redundant endpoints. Automated failover features help ensure continuous operation.
  • External Video Streams: As an open system, Zio, can accommodate externally generated video streams from third party H.264/H.265 IP cameras and encoders. Zio can also stream content to smart phones, IPTVs or other devices.
  • Third Party Control: Zio can control external systems or be controlled by them; scripting enables sophisticated interaction. An API for control by third party devices is available.
  • Integration with AV Switchers: Zio endpoints offer a gateway to a traditional AV distribution system with RGB Spectrum’s Linx switchers. This enables a mixture of analog and digital baseband content with IP traffic.
  • Video Wall Compatibility: Zio endpoints are integrated with RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall and Galileo processors for multi-screen display,providing streaming inputs to the wall and streaming video wall content to other destinations.
  • Audio Distribution: Audio originates embedded in an HDMI stream or as analog input. Decoders provide both HDMI embedded audio and analog output. Audio can instantly be selected from any of the streams being decoded by a multiviewer.